We Vibe Nova Review

I can honestly say that when I think of many rabbit toys, I shake my head at them. I have heard stories of women who only use one ‘ear’ of the toy and it makes me think that getting something that has dual stimulation is almost pointless. I am pretty hard to please, in fact, I have a list of requirements before I will even consider giving a toy a second go. I will try anything once, but with how picky I am, it would take a lot to make me try something twice.

Then I was introduced to the We-Vibe Nova. To be honest, it looks like a hot pink claw of a lobster. It has a gently curved handle that is a comfortable fit in my palm. The longer arm is a bit rigid and motorized; it also balloons out a bit at the tip of it. This is a fairly standard design for rabbit-style toys. However, it stands out thanks to the clitoral stimulator. It has a broad, bulbous end to a movable curved arm. It also has a rumbly motor in it. This toy targets the G-Spot perfectly.

Amazon’s Best Sellers

If you do a quick search through the ‘Amazon’s Best Sellers’ section, you will find that there are rabbit-style vibrators in all of the women’s bedside drawers across the entire country. But not every vibrator is made equal, in fact, a lot of them are made disappointing. For example, my first vibrator was an uninspiring rabbit-style with a buzzy clitoral nub and a hard shaft. The concept of dual stimulation is a magnificent one. However, if the design isn’t there it just isn’t there. It had a large gap between the two ‘ears’ that left unrealistic diameters of where my clit and vagina were located, and thrusting the thing meant for only jolts of stimulation to the clit. It was a mess. See review of pocket pulse


On the other hand, you have the Nova. While other rabbits are over the top with the bells and whistles that tend to be just a waste of cash IMO, it becomes innovative with the bendy arm that moves with your body. You can work the shaft effectively without losing the clitoral stimulation that you crave so deeply.

When it comes to masturbation, I suggest taking your time with it. Self-appreciation is a very important aspect of masturbation. And with the range of speeds and pulsations that are provided by the Nova, you will want to experiment with all of them… thoroughly. Those of you who need that immediate release, or don’t have time to light the candles and set the mood, the Nova will get you there. The fastest orgasm I received from the We-Vibe Nova was under minutes.

My Review

Ultimately, I have to say that the Nova is officially one of my top favorite toys, being my favorite rabbit-style vibrator. Normally I would say it isn’t for everyone, but even size queens would find pleasure in the g-spot stimulation and clitoral arm. Its design is flawless, and the feeling is good.


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