Tenga Flip 0 (Zero)

Previously, I tried another product from Tenga, their Flip Hole. It had instantly shot up to be my favorite penis sleeve. So, when given the opportunity to review the Flip 0, I was excited to see how they could possibly improve on what they had already developed. So, this is my honest review of the Tenga Flip 0 (Zero).



But first, let’s talk about the design. It is a tube-like structure that is designed to bring pleasure to the penis. The structure of the sleeve envelopes the penis while stimulating it with different details and ridges. It doesn’t vibrate, or move on its own, so you have to manually move it up and down. Basically, you replaced your hand with a detailed manual stroking machine.


On the outside, this toy doesn’t look like a sex object. It will easily disappear in a dresser drawer. However, on the inside, it is a totally different story. There are intricate details, ridges, and curves that are accompanied by different shapes that add to the pleasure. See review of hot octopuss pulse iii


When inserting yourself into this toy, you will slide past a ridge wall on the one side with a ripple dome on the opposing side. This ripple dome is pretty much a texture ball that has flaps on either side. These flaps rise up and around to envelope the penis.


The midsection of the Flip 0 is a triple chain gate. Put simply it is a series of balls and nubs that work to stimulate your penis on both sides. The last layer you reach is the end orb. This is an impressive hole that gives the most intense sensation to the head of the penis. However, you must have a length of almost 6” to reach the final section of this toy. If you are on the smaller side, you will still get pleasure from this device, you just won’t get that grand finale of the textures.

This toy will accommodate any penis with a width of 2” or less. If you have something thicker than that in your pants, you might want to consider a different toy.


My Review


While the Flip Hole was my favorite penis sleeve, emphasis on was, I have to say I am now more fond of the Flip 0. In fact, I can’t see myself touching the Hole anymore. Well, I will always want to touch the hole but that is a different conversation.


Orgasms come easy with the 0. The sensations are insanely intense and the different layers inside the Flip 0 are enthralling. This is a product that is a testament to the knowledge that Tenga has about what men want. They have clearly done their research to make this toy a top tier manual stroker.


It wasn’t heavy at all, which was nice, my arm didn’t get tired at all. As good as it felt, however, I didn’t have to hold it up too long to begin with. I think one of the best features about this toy is the size. Even if you are too big to use it, it doesn’t make you feel inadequate. Other strokers and sleeves out there are so bulky and big, the average size penis can feel discouraged going near it.