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Our Review: Moody G5 by Fun Factory

Putting Everyone in the Mood! When I first heard of Fun Factory, the first thought that came into my mind was the arcade our local mall had when I was growing up.  It was where all the preteens would go to hone their skills at the latest video games and take their “girlfriends” for “dates”.… Continue reading Our Review: Moody G5 by Fun Factory

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Our Review: Dorcel Power Clit

Transfer Power! I would like to thank my friends at Naughty Playtime for supplying me with yet another Dorcel product for review, the Dorcel Power Clit – Phopho.  Phospho means it glows in the dark! The Power Clit is a very basic affordable vibrating cock ring that has an extra little “tongue” to help transfer the… Continue reading Our Review: Dorcel Power Clit

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Our Review: Dorcel Wanderful

Our Adventure in Wanderland In my quest to review a wand, I received another opportunity from my new friends at Naughty Playtime to review the Dorcel Wanderful, a waterproof compact rechargeable wand.  First I’d like to talk about my new friends and affiliation with Naughty Playtime.  They have a wonderful looking site that is seductive,… Continue reading Our Review: Dorcel Wanderful