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Our Review: The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

A New Toy Fit for a Queen We have previously reviewed the Pulse II and Pulse III for Hot Octopuss, which we loved.  When Hot Octopuss gave us the opportunity to check out their Queen Bee, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! Unfortunately, our personal lives have been very busy and I have been a… Continue reading Our Review: The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

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Our Review: TryAngles Mirrors

Bringing Their Dreams to Reality   I believe everyone should have a chance to make their dream come true and I love meeting sexual innovators trying to make sex better for all of us.  This is how I met my dear friends at AnnaRae through their great product The Cumpanion.  This past spring I was… Continue reading Our Review: TryAngles Mirrors

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Our Review: YES Organic Lubricants

Before You Lube, Read the Tube We love using lubricants during all facets of our sexual activity.  As with most people, we started out buying whatever lubes they sold at the local big box store, not really thinking about what was in them or if they were safe for our bodies and toys.  Once I… Continue reading Our Review: YES Organic Lubricants

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Our First Time with Anal Play – From Couples Playthings

Anal play and sex is something that has always intrigued me and is something many couples eventually experiment with.  While my wife likes some licking in that area when we are in the heat of the moment, she has consistently rejected the idea of anal sex, on her and myself.  Yes I offered to go… Continue reading Our First Time with Anal Play – From Couples Playthings