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Our Review: YES Organic Lubricants

Before You Lube, Read the Tube We love using lubricants during all facets of our sexual activity.  As with most people, we started out buying whatever lubes they sold at the local big box store, not really thinking about what was in them or if they were safe for our bodies and toys.  Once I… Continue reading Our Review: YES Organic Lubricants

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Our Review: Fantasy Voulez-Vous Deluxe French Maid Costume

Cleaning Up is Hard to do… As he arrived home from a long day at the work, he noticed the door was unlocked.  He walked in and asked “Hello?” The house was very clean, but the maid was usually gone by now.  Did she forget to lock the door? Had there been a break in? What… Continue reading Our Review: Fantasy Voulez-Vous Deluxe French Maid Costume

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Our Review: Moody G5 by Fun Factory

Putting Everyone in the Mood! When I first heard of Fun Factory, the first thought that came into my mind was the arcade our local mall had when I was growing up.  It was where all the preteens would go to hone their skills at the latest video games and take their “girlfriends” for “dates”.… Continue reading Our Review: Moody G5 by Fun Factory

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Our Review: Dorcel Power Clit

Transfer Power! I would like to thank my friends at Naughty Playtime for supplying me with yet another Dorcel product for review, the Dorcel Power Clit – Phopho.  Phospho means it glows in the dark! The Power Clit is a very basic affordable vibrating cock ring that has an extra little “tongue” to help transfer the… Continue reading Our Review: Dorcel Power Clit

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Our Review: Dorcel Wanderful

Our Adventure in Wanderland In my quest to review a wand, I received another opportunity from my new friends at Naughty Playtime to review the Dorcel Wanderful, a waterproof compact rechargeable wand.  First I’d like to talk about my new friends and affiliation with Naughty Playtime.  They have a wonderful looking site that is seductive,… Continue reading Our Review: Dorcel Wanderful

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50 Shades of Grey HOLY COW Wand

Our First Wand I’ve been wanting to review a wand soooo bad! It goes back to before we were even married, watching mind-blowing orgasms from wands on internet masturbation videos.  I’ve always dreamed of watching and participating in such a powerful orgasm.  It seemed like they were on a different level than other orgasms, leading… Continue reading 50 Shades of Grey HOLY COW Wand

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Official Review: Tenga 3D Spiral

Putting the 3D Spiral on a Pedestal As a couples reviewer I have focused mainly on products designed for her pleasure or couples pleasure.  Tenga was kind enough to send me their Tenga 3D Spiral for review.  Thanks Tenga! Tenga is a brand that is taking the male product line by storm.  Tenga was created… Continue reading Official Review: Tenga 3D Spiral