Sir Richards Elements Vibrating Masturbation Sleeve Review

I can remember back when I first opened the package containing my MS Vibrating Sleeve. As I sat staring at it I could see that it was in the shape of a taco shell (which I would wrap around my cock). The vibrations were solid and it consisted of very flexible flaps. The motor to the vibrations was located on the underside of my cock in order to make contact with the glands in it.

This masturbating sleeve was designed with the intention of aiding the user to ejaculate while in the process of masturbating alone or giving their self or someone else a hand job and it was not designed to do all the work while just laying back, it is important to play with it a little and keep it moving (unless of course you happen to be so sensitive that the vibrations alone does the trick for you).

It states that the user must use a lubricant with this product during the time of using it, however, due to the sleeve being made out of silicone (which means it is safe for the body), do not use a silicone based lube, but any of the others will work fine.

It has a handy travel lock feature which will not let it start vibrating from accidentally coming on somehow, so others does not hear the vibrating and then you get all embarrassed. It is also water-proof and can be charged using the USB port on a computer or cell phone. It contains four different modes of vibrations, with five different intensity levels.

There are ridges located within the sleeve & nub that enhanced my play time during the solo sessions I have. I also found it easy to reach the controls when needed to.