Male masturbators

SenseMax SenseTube VR Masturbator

While technology is made to make our lives easier, sex tech was designed to make out pleasurable moments even more so. Over the last few years, sex tech has made some real progress in advancement. With the rise of virtual reality (VR) content, a new line of powered masturbators has been developed. These masturbators provide a real feel, while adding extra thrill in our solo ritual.

With some of the attempts, they worked out well. Such as the Fleshlight Launch. However, in the case of products like KIIROO Onyx, they have fallen short to please.


While I have never been one to get into VR or interactive porn, I can understand the appeal to so many people. It is about escaping into a fantasy world. However, when it comes to anything with new tech (especially when it is sex related), I just have to give it a test run. When I heard about the SenseTube, by SenseMax, I was more than just a little excited.

My Impression


The packaging that the SenseTube comes in is tasteful and well thought out. The box is solid white, with a picture of the toy on it. Normally, I wouldn’t like the toy on display. But this toy doesn’t necessarily look like a sex toy. I enjoy discretion, so this packaging was pleasing to me. I was excited when I opened it, I was ready to test it out right there. But, as with most (If not all) electronics, it needed to be charged first.


It comes with a magnetic charger that connects to a USB port to charge. While a 2 ½ hour charge will give you about 2 hours to play, with the TPE sleeve, you won’t need the full two hours. The exterior is made up of a soft silicone. This is convenient, mainly because you can squeeze it to have a grip on the tightness.


Using the SenseTube


You have two options of use when it comes to the SenseTube. You can enjoy it as a solo masturbator, which is sufficient thanks to the 5 vibration modes and 18 speed options. Yes, I said 18. There are buttons on the side that will increase or decrease the speed. You can also use the buttons to scroll through the different patterns.


Then you have the connectivity of the SenseTube. You are able to connect it to your phone using their SensePlayer app. And while the VR headset is sold separately, you can use one to interact and watch their curated content. You can also just watch videos and have the masturbator be interactive based on the action on your device.


My Verdict


The sleeve feels real, and the different settings made it to where I couldn’t last very long. The VR capability is a plus, but doesn’t exactly add to the experience. Standalone, this is a quality product. It is worth the buy all the way. I would recommend this to any man who needs that extra touch.