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Satisfyer for Men Review

While I have reviewed my fair share of Satisfyer toys, and all of them have become favorites in my collection, I was surprised when I was asked to review the Satisfyer for men. This is their outreach to the world of penises.

The packaging that it arrived in is very dark and it is masculine. It has a picture of the device on the outside of the box. Even my partner said it looked like a man’s toy, and he was excited to give it a go. The design of the toy doesn’t make you think it is a toy. In fact, it could be mistaken as some kind of sports bottle at first glance. Keeping it in a bag full of toiletries wouldn’t make it look out of place at all.




When I was opening the Satisfyer for Men, I don’t know exactly what I expected. However, my partner and I both agree that this toy is bigger than we had expected. The case alone measures in at an amazing 10 inches. With about 9.5 inches around, if you measure at the widest point. The shape of it is similar to a cone. It has a wide base, then it narrows until you reach the top vent. Check out review of satisfyer pro


The Casing


The casing is made up of silicone, which has a nice feel to the hand. There is a cap at the opening, it has two functions. Firstly, it helps keep it clean. Secondly, it covers the opening. Easy to remove and put back on, the sleeve waits to be revealed under the cap.


It comes with a classic sleeve, but Satisfyer does sell a line of sleeves that can give you the ability to change the experience. Even the names are enticing to hear, for example, Lusty Tongues.

Testing it Out


For starters, when we received the Satisfyer for Men, I quickly developed penis envy. I slid my fingers into the opening of the classic sleeve, only to reveal how soft and real it felt. This would be the only way I could experience this toy, but my partner gets to have the real fun.


Including a bottle of lube with the masturbator, Satisfyer recommends that you use a water-based lube. My partner stated that lube is needed for this toy. While it is possible to slide in without it, it makes it so much more pleasurable and simpler with lube. He was worried he wouldn’t fit into the opening at first, but he is thicker than average (Bragging a bit).


His opinion is one of positivity. He said it was similar to the real thing and he wanted to invest in different sleeves for a new experience with this masturbator. It didn’t take him long, which is unusual, to test out the Satisfyer for Men. He said that it was very effective in its intended purpose and he would recommend it to his friends, if he actually talked to them about such things.