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Pulse III Duo Review

This is a multi-award-winning male stimulator that focuses not only on the aspects of solo play, but duo play as well. It uses oscillations on the penis for stimulation, and it uses those oscillations well. I did two separate reviews for this product. One while alone, and the other while I was with my girlfriend. I figured if I was going to review it, I might as well review it in all aspects of light rather than leaving readers in the dark about certain capabilities.

Solo Review On The Duo


First off, I want to talk about something that bothered me about this toy. The charging. I wasn’t upset that I had to charge it for a good amount of time after receiving it, most things electronic are like that. It is the finicky charging system that bothered me. When it is charging, the indicator light is red. However, any other time it is green. Why is this a problem? Well, if the magnetic connector isn’t properly attached, it will light up green and not charge. There is no light indicating that something isn’t right, and that could lead to a very depressing masturbation session, or a letdown to my partner looking to play with Mr. Penis.


That aside, I really have no complaints about my solo play. It was an intense, pleasurable experience that I couldn’t get from my hand or other male stimulators. The remote was really useful, I was able to just set it up on my cock and turn it on with the remote. I could just lay back, and enjoy myself. Me personally, since I was alone, I let this thing do all the work for me. With a hands-free attempt successfully cumming to an end, I knew that I couldn’t wait to try it out with my girlfriend (Hopefully) later that day.

Duo Review


The limitations of solo play and duo play are similar. There is only so much you can do with the Duo to spice things up. However, what it can do, it does it well.


We started off with using the toy as it was intended. She had the remote in hand, and I had a lubed-up cock inside of the Pulse III Duo. I would stroke it while she controlled how good it felt and the different settings. After about 10 minutes of this foreplay, we decided to experiment a bit more with it by adding her in the mix. I angled the Duo to were the vibration would stimulate her clit, while it was still on my cock, and I slide the head in. She then snatched the control out of my hand and worked her magic. It honestly felt like we were having intense sex. The Pulse III Duo matches, if not exceeds, the feeling of the real thing.


One suggestion I will make, is take some time (with yourself or your partner) to explore this toy. Learn the settings and how they feel, find what works best for you. While this toy is intended for dual play time, it works solo quite well. Guys, if you don’t have a Pulse III Duo, you are missing out on the single best experience of masturbation.