Paloqueth Water Based Lube Review

Are you looking to try some new lube for a new toy? Maybe you’re trying a silicone toy over ABS plastic or glass? Whatever your reason, this water-based lube from Paloqueth is worth trying out. I mean, you can’t beat a product that gives a 1-year refund guarantee on something that you know probably won’t last a year.

They literally market their warranty as being unconditional, don’t like it? Sent it back, just don’t want it, send it back. I think the only thing they may not issue a refund for is sending back an empty botte, obviously.

I love this lube because it lasts a long time as advertised, and don’t dry up in seconds. I can’t tell you how many different water-based lubes I’ve used that seem to dry almost instantly. Of course, when using silicone toys frequently, I no longer purchase silicone-based lubes (they can destroy silicone toys). So, this is the #1 thing I look for anymore.

Also, it’s not sticky or tacky, who likes to feel like they just grabbed a handful of syrup? It’s not runny though, still being thick enough to put where you want or need it.

I’ve had a few lubes that stained my sheets, so I want to add that this never has left a stain. It’s also odorless, so no smell to give away the fact you were lubed up recently. That’s always great, because you don’t really have to find time for a shower before getting on with your day, boy that’s annoying sometimes.

Final Thoughts

When I travel, this is the lube I pack because of the odorless, no sticky aspects. I still use oil-based lube sometimes but this has become my leading go to lubricant for both toys and partner play.