Our First Time: Anal Play

Like most girls, when I first thought of anal, I thought about how painful it must be. I mean, it is a small hole that isn’t normally explored like the vagina is. And with my partner, he isn’t exactly small. However, he had been talking about trying some kind of anal play in the future. I avoided the subject for a while, but eventually I broke down into conversation about it with him.


Why was I scared?

Well, to put it plainly, I do not like pain. And like I said before, the thought of it was linked to the idea that pain would be involved. When I say I don’t like pain, it causes me to shut down. If he bites too hard on my nipple, squeezes my hips wrong, or even hits the wall with enough force and I feel the pain from it, my sexual urges just dissipate. So, how would I be able to give my man the best anal experience if there would be pain involved.


So, I did what anyone would do in my situation, I turned to google… in the incognito browser of course. I searched for the best way to try anal for the first time. Once I fished through all of the porno, I came across several articles on the later pages of the search results.


They all seem to say the same thing, Lube. Like, a lot of lube. Some of them went into detail about working up to a penis by using fingers and toys. Others just assumed you were diving right in and needed a lot of lube to make it happen. But I wasn’t satisfied with diving in. When I began to think about it, I really enjoyed the thought of him using a toy or his finger to work my asshole. It started to become a fantasy. I knew he really wanted it, and I was beginning to want it too. Check out review of liberator wedge

My thoughts

Finally, I bought a small (Very Small) dildo that I assumed was made for anal play. With it in hand, I demanded him to accompany me to the bedroom. Once there, I revealed a tube of water-based lube I had in my back pocket, and the small dildo. At first, he was scared I was going to use it on him, then he began to piece it together. I was ready. I was excited, I was standing there holding a dildo and lube in the hopes of getting my backdoor abused in a pleasurable way. This was new to me.

We didn’t waste much time with kissing or undressing, we have done all that before. We wanted to get to the main attraction, but first, the foreplay. I laid on my back, legs propped up and spread apart, and I applied the lube to my second hole. I then made him lube up the tiny dildo sufficiently. Then there was penetration. It was uncomfortable at first, however, it didn’t hurt for me. It felt good after the initial discomfort faded and then we worked up to his penis. Now, I feel like anal is a normal part of the bedroom. I realize I was missing out on something great over such a silly fear.