My Satisfyer Pro Traveler Review

As I was opening My Satisfyer Pro Traveler that I received from the Satisfyer Company, I was anxious to see what new technology could have been put in such a small product. This compact device was design to be small enough to toss in a hand bag and take it when on the go or traveling, so small it will sit right in my hand, very clever! It measures 3.5 inches in length, with a height of 2 inches. I have never used one this little before. My first impressions came from how compact and stylish it was.

Unless someone happen to have one of their own (or knows someone else who has one) they would never know what lurks inside of its case. The color of my new toy appears to be a different color and it depends on the type of light it’s under, when under most lights it looks black in color, however, in natural lighting it shows up as being purple that has a golden trim. In comes with its own case.

My Review

There is a silicone nozzle of 2cm in width located on the inside of the Satisfyer, close to what the other devices of Satisfyer have. Because it is made of silicone you know it is design to be safe for the body externally as well as internally, on the other hand, it is only compatible to use with water based lubricant. While the inside of it is has been made of silicone, the outside is made of ABS plastic. Check out review of satisfyer for men

I was just tickled pink when I learned there were 11 different settings to delight myself with and totally stunned that the little pro traveler had such power. All I have to do is place over my clit and my orgasms begin.