Liberator Wedge Review

Sex is great. That is a fact we all can agree on surely. However, can it be improved? Yes, the answer is yes. There are many ways we can improve our sex lives. Role playing, toys, furniture, scenes, BDSM, other kinks and fantasies come to mind. There isn’t a single person who would complain about having a better sex life, and there are companies out there that strive to provide people with the best possible sexual experience they can get.



The store, Liberator, is one of those companies. They are a company that is based in the U.S. and they specialize in adventure gear for the bedroom. One of their more basic products, the Wedge, is the topic of this review. They also offer plenty more, elaborate sex furniture. Some of which have legendary reputations such as the Fascinator Throe.


Packaging & Shipping


For starters, the Wedge comes in a plain package for discreet shipping. This is an underappreciated act, no one needs to know my business in the bedroom, so it is nice to know the company has your best interests in mind and not just in the bedroom.


Like I said, discreet shipping. The name Liberator did not appear on the label, or the box, anywhere. The international customs content label listed it as ‘orthopedic pillows’. This means that no one would suspect a thing, had it landed in someone else’s hands. See review of we-vibe nova


Inside the box, you receive three items. The instruction paper, a cover in the chosen color, and the Wedge in one of those compression bags. I thought it was fairly neat. Before you actually take the Wedge out of the compression bag, it looks tiny. Keep in mind that 90% of the air has been removed, hence why they call it a compression bag. Please note that it is impossible to get the Wedge back into the compression bag once it is out and inflates back up. They do this to reduce shipping costs, which in turn saves you money too. The Wedge is actually about twice the size of its compressed form.

My Review


For starters, I was super pumped to try out the Wedge. I didn’t think much of it while awaiting its arrival, however, when I got it my mind went wild. The positions we used were some of the suggested positions that Liberator provided us. My partner and I tried a couple different ones, settling on one called down low. It is similar to doggy style, but lower with the wedge supporting my mid/lower section on my waist. Basically, it is the Wedge’s version of doggy style.


It was definitely more relaxing with the Wedge, and when you are able to relax more during sex, it improves the sex immensely.  Being able to just lay there and enjoy the pounding was a nice change of pace. I was able to move my hips a bit smoother, allowing me to push back into my partner more. We both enjoyed the Wedge.