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Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo

I have tried the previous installments of the Hot Octopuss toy line, both of them proving to be effective and enjoyable for both me and my partner. But I found myself asking, what could they have done to improve this guybrator more than it was on the mark two? What could they have possibly changed to make this toy even better than it was? It was really great before.

Similar to the first two Pulse toys, the III Duo arrives in an outer box that is shiny, gender-free, understated, and classy. Yet, despite all that, it screams with passion as to what it is. There are three stickers that seal the lid, this allows you to tell if it has been tampered with since the production line. It is reassuring really.


What’s in the Box?


As for the contents of the box, you will find the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo, the featured remote control, a storage pouch with a drawstring and the logo of Hot Octopuss on it, The USB/Magnetic charging lead, and of course, the instruction manual. See review of tenga flip zero


The Pulse III Duo is settled in the box, secured in a charcoal colored insert that is seemingly recycled card. Personally, I love the inserts like this. The squeaky plastic molds are noisy and give a sense of ‘cheap purchase’.




As with almost all toys you buy, this one needed to be charged up before use. Which is fine, I would rather it not die on me when I am close to climax. The base of the toy has a magnetic section where the charger connects to, while the other end is a USB jack that is compatible with any USB charging port. Some prefer to just plug it into their laptop or PC, I personally prefer a wall jack next to my bed. I charge all of my sex toys by the bed, just seems more logical to me.

There is an indicator light at the end of the charging lead. It is always green, unless it is plugged into the Pulse III Duo and it isn’t fully charged. Then it is red. It will turn green again once the toy is fully charged.


The Differences


As I stated before, I was intrigued to try the Pulse III Duo because I have tried the previous installments in the Hot Octopuss line and was curious to see how it stands out from them. At first, the changes were subtle, and I was feeling like there wasn’t much difference. Then, however, I took a closer look, and this is what I found that was different about the Pulse III Duo:


  • Usable while Flaccid or Erect
  • It has won multiple awards for male and couple’s toy
  • Remote Controlled, Independent Vibration Adjustments
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Intensity Adjusting, Stimulation Modes (5 Of Them)
  • A Turbo Function, which is new
  • The Magnetic Charging is a New Feature
  • New Anti-stall Sensor