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Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer Review

While we head into cooler weather, people are looking for ways to stay warm. Now, you are able to heat things up no problem with the Fleshlight sleeve warmer. Sleeves can get kind of chilly, as many of us know, and it could discourage use. But with this sleeve warmer, you can now bypass that chilly feeling and go right to the pleasure.

 Design Notes

 Put simply, its design is exactly what you think it would be. It looks like a toy on a stand. Given the fact that it is inserted into the Fleshlight sleeve, they only had so many design options. However, it is small enough to easily stow away, so no one sees your hot dildo stand. Fleshlight released a notice stating that this sleeve warmer is not for use on any orifice of your body. I am sure they stated this because we all know there is that one person out there that has dumb ideas.

 How it Feels

 I am sure we have all had the same issue, go to use our fleshlight and having to heat it up in the bathroom sink with warm water. It is a wet, and time consuming, step in our masturbatory routine. With the sleeve warmer, you are able to slide the sleeve on and let it go through its cycle. You can also pre-lube the sleeve so it slides on and off the warmer easier, this also means that the lube will be nice and warm as well. This will give it that real feeling of being inside a vagina. Warmth and wet. See review of cock cam


When sliding the sleeve on after warming it up, all I could think was “This is nice.”. It literally changed masturbation for me. Now instead of my Fleshlight collecting dust in a sock drawer, I can put it to practical use on a regular basis. Honestly, if you own and Fleshlight sleeve, you need to invest into the warmer. It brings a whole new light to masturbation when you can effectively warm up your sleeve to the perfect temperature. Though they can get pretty hot, always test it with your fingers before your dick. However, this product shouldn’t melt your penis.

 Like I said before, this is worth the investment. I highly recommend this accessory, and once you use it once, you will be thanking me for telling you about it.