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Our Review: Magic Wand Unplugged

The Wand Chooses the Wizard The Magic Wand has been on my wish list longer than I’ve been reviewing sex toys! It goes back to all those wand videos I’ve seen before.  You know, earth shattering female ejaculating screaming so loud you wake the neighbors orgasms!? My friends at The Vibrator Store were kind enough… Continue reading Our Review: Magic Wand Unplugged

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Our Review: Dorcel Power Clit

Transfer Power! I would like to thank my friends at Naughty Playtime for supplying me with yet another Dorcel product for review, the Dorcel Power Clit – Phopho.  Phospho means it glows in the dark! The Power Clit is a very basic affordable vibrating cock ring that has an extra little “tongue” to help transfer the… Continue reading Our Review: Dorcel Power Clit

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Our Review: Fleshlight Compilation

Fleshlight Compilation Review I have been wanting to review a Fleshlight product since early on in my reviewing life.  After a long process, they were kind enough to send me 3 different products for review! While they each have their own unique features, I have decided to group them into one review.  Fleshlight is a… Continue reading Our Review: Fleshlight Compilation

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Official Review: Tenga 3D Spiral

Putting the 3D Spiral on a Pedestal As a couples reviewer I have focused mainly on products designed for her pleasure or couples pleasure.  Tenga was kind enough to send me their Tenga 3D Spiral for review.  Thanks Tenga! Tenga is a brand that is taking the male product line by storm.  Tenga was created… Continue reading Official Review: Tenga 3D Spiral