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Our Review: The Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

A New Toy Fit for a Queen

We have previously reviewed the Pulse II and Pulse III for Hot Octopuss, which we loved.  When Hot Octopuss gave us the opportunity to check out their Queen Bee, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! Unfortunately, our personal lives have been very busy and I have been a bad blogger of late.  This review is long overdue, but it feels nice to get back into the blog, even if it’s just for a Saturday morning while my kids watch Gravity Falls and my wife is at work.  I’d like to thank Hot Octopuss for their patience with me, while apologizing for the delay.

Queen Bee(1)

The Queen Bee is a unique device that combines the pulse plate of the Pulse line and a wand like massager.  It has a powerful magnetic charging connection lined up with 4 buttons (that light up blue) to control the power, the intensity of the vibration, and the vibration pattern.  There are six vibration patterns.  Queen Bee is different on each side, with one side offering the pulse plate and has a texture to it designed for a more typical massaging effect.  It is also covered in high grade silicone and 100% waterproof for users who enjoy fun in an aquatic environment.

Queen Bee(2)

Pleasure for All People!   


The Queen Bee is a large external massager.  Like the original Magic Wand, it could be used as a massager on any part of the body.  The handle is big enough to hold with your entire hand with whatever type of grip you need for pleasuring yourself or partner.  I love the blue light up buttons, especially when playing in the dark late into the night.  The controls are on the massager side of the Queen Bee, with the pulse plate on the other side.  The motor is VERY powerful but also a little loud.  I don’t think you could get away using Queen Bee discreetly with others close by and not knowing, but I it’s not the loudest device we’ve used either.  I think we’ve just gotten spoiled by super quiet toys lately, but the power is worth the noise Queen Bee makes.


If Queen Bee is designed to pleasure the Queen in my life (my wife), the power is definitely meant to be shared with her people (me).  The pulse plate is our preferred side of use but the textured massaging side is good to warm up with and get used to the power of Queen Bee’s motor.  We started off using it in foreplay on each other, exploring all of our erogenous zones with it.  Queen Bee’s primary design was intended for external use in the vulva / clitoral area  for a broad stimulation.  The large handle enables the user to try different angles while trying to find the magic spot to bring the ultimate pleasure and bring her to a gushing orgasm.  My only complaint is that I feel the buttons should be on the side of the pulse plate, and it would be easier to control the patterns and intensity during use with your thumb, with the way we preferred to grip the Queen Bee.

Do NOT limit the power of the Queen Bee to just the vulva / clitoral area though.  As we have explored new uses for all of our toys on each other, we have found that I enjoy vibrators being used on my body as well.  The Queen Bee feels great stimulating my genitals as well.  I liked the low rumbling vibrations on my scrotum while the higher powered settings are enough on my penis to bring me to orgasm.  This makes perfect sense as the Pulse III is my favorite penis powered device, and the sensation of the pulse plate is similar.  I also enjoy nipple play and it felt great tickling my nipples as she offers me manual and oral pleasure.

A Scepter of Power

So if my wife is my Queen, then the Queen Bee is her Scepter, with the ability to channel her power, much like Thrudstok, Odin’s scepter.  Hot Octopuss continues to put out high quality products that produce high levels of pleasure.  Queen Bee is a lot of fun to use alone and with a partner.  After all, what good is power if it can not be shared with the people?

I would like to thank Hot Octopuss  for providing the Queen Bee for review and the above diagrams. I have submitted an honest and unbiased review of this product based on personal trial and experience

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