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Our Review: Tantus Super Soft Vamp

This Vamp Doesn’t Suck

When we get new offers to review products, we seem to get a certain type of product offered to us in bulk, but we don’t ever turn down a chance to review yet another Tantus product!  We recently reviewed the Tantus Super Soft Echo, and not so long after, we were offered the Echo’s cousin, the Tantus Super Soft Vamp from LuvToyz.  Tantus continues to be a quality manufacturer of dildos and other products that are all made with their own Ultra Premium Silicone.  This makes all Tantus toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate free,odorless, bleachable, boilable and even dishwasher safe. With proper care and use, their products can last a lifetime.  I suggest using a water based lube with Tantus and other silicone products to maintain the integrity of the product.


The Super Soft Vamp is a midsized dildo with realistic penis features, like the head and veins, that is available in two colors, Midnight Purple and Copper.  A large percentage of our dildos and toys have been in purple, so I elected for the Copper.  The Copper is a nice color that offers a bit of shine and something different that makes it stand out in the toy box.  The Super Soft Vamp is made from a newer Super Soft Silicone. While the Super Soft Silicone has a solid core, it is soft and even slightly floppy on the outer levels of the dildo.  I found that the Vamp was slightly firmer than the Echo.  This could be due to a slight increase in girth, or the fact that every dildo is hand poured so there could be a slight variance. This is nice if you like to grip soft things or do not like hard items with little to no give going inside of you, or your partner.

The Vamp is an average sized toy, with an insertable length of 6.5 inches and a diameter of 1.75 inches.  Vamp is harness compatible while being safe for vaginal and anal play.  It is not compatible with a suction cup and does not have an option for a vibrator, unlike the Echo.   I have put a comparison picture of the Super Soft Echo and Vamp below.


Soft and Solid

The Super Soft Vamp is a great basic dildo with a beautiful color.  It’s really hard say many of the safe things I said in our Echo review, because they are very similar in size and firmness.  I recommend this dilo for couples to use with foreplay and fantasy, which we have enjoyed doing for a couple of years now. I find it funny that couples are scared to introduce dildos into their sex lives because one partner is threatened by another penis in their sex lives.  Dildos can make the experience more fun, pleasurable, and longer lasting for both partners! The Super Soft Vamp from Tantus is a great product to start with if you aren’t ready or don’t enjoy using larger dildos.



I would like to thank LuvToyz for giving me the opportunity to review this product in exchange for an honest review



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