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Our Review: Tantus Echo Soft

Echo Echo Echo Echo

We have had lots of fun with various Tantus products of all shapes and sizes over the last couple of years! Our great friends at Luxury Vibrators offered to send us the Tantus Echo Super Soft vibrating dildo for review.  A quick rehash of Tantus, they are a quality manufacturer of dildos and other products that are all made with their own Ultra Premium Silicone.  This makes all Tantus toys hypoallergenic, non-toxic, phthalate free,
odorless, bleachable, boilable and even dishwasher safe. With proper care and use, their products can last a lifetime.  I suggest using a water based lube with Tantus and other silicone products to maintain the integrity of the product.


The Echo Super Soft is a multiridged dildo that is designed to feel like the tip of the dildo is being inserted over and over again in each length of insertion.  So if you are sliding it in and out of yourself or partner, it should feel like it has gone in and out at a multiplied rate.  After all, the tip is the best part of insertion for many people.  The Echo Super Soft is made from a newer Super Soft Silicone. While the Super Soft Silicone has a solid core, it is soft and even slightly floppy on the outer levels of the dildo.  This is nice if you like to grip soft things or do not like hard items with little to no give going inside of you, or your partner.

The Echo isn’t too big or too small, the size is just about average, with an insertable length of 6.5 inches and a diameter of 1.55 inches.  Echo Super Soft is available in two colors, wine (burgundy) and Purple Haze (a lighter brighter purple).  It is harness and suction cup compatible while being safe for vaginal and prostate play.  Echo Super Soft also comes with a removable vibe with three patterns.  This is different from our previously reviewed Tantus Tsunami as its vibe only has one speed.  After use you can remove the vibe and proceed to clean it in the dishwasher, boiled water, and even safely bleached if needed.


Amazingly Average

Average is the word that I think of when I think of the Echo Super Soft.  It’s not too big, or too thick.  It’s not too hard, or too soft.  If you want a dildo that’s right in the middle of everything, this dildo is for you.  That isn’t a bad thing, not at all.  Not every person likes huge toys or ones that are super hard.  The Super Soft Silicone is very forgiving, and if your anatomy or preferences require some forgiveness in your toys, I would definitely look at the Super Soft line of Tantus products.  Tantus has many products available in both Super Soft and Tantus’ standard Premium Silicone.

We found that the Echo Super Soft is great for foreplay and a warmup.  The vibe is easy to control and provides enough vibration through the dildo to offer stimulation.  This is also great for using with a partner while they are using another toy, such as a clitoral vibe for dual stimulation. In case you are wanting a comparison, I have taken a picture of the Echo Super Soft next to our size king, the Tantus Uncut, which measures at a whopping 7.45 inches and 1.75 inch diameter (but feels much larger to us)


The ridges that give the Echo its name aren’t over pronounced but do provide a little extra nudge of stimulation as it is inserted and removed.  We have found that to truly enjoy the details of ridges you need to start slower with insertion to feel each ridge as the dildo enters and also on exit.  You can use this dildo fast as well, as it isn’t a size that would accidentally cause any pain or discomfort for my wife.  Of course everyone is different, so use all products to your body’s needs, not what you read in a review or on a blog.



Dildo Dilly Dilly

We continue to enjoy using dildos as a regular part of our sexual encounters.  They are great for fantasy, visualization, dual stimulation for him and her, and it’s an extra penis is the room without having an actual extra penis for us.  The Tantus Echo Super Soft is a really nice dildo.  I would even suggest it for someone who is new to dildo play in all aspects of dildo play.  The vibrations are nice and the Super Soft Silicone is different from what we are used to.  The Echo Super Soft is a safe choice when you aren’t craving an extreme feature or if you really like soft toys for you and your partner.

Luxury Vibrators

I would like to thank Luxury Vibrators for giving me the opportunity to review this product in exchange for an honest review

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