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Our Review: The We-Vibe Nova

We Aren’t Wasting No More Time, Here We Go Again..

Betty’s Toy Box is another new site for us to work with.  They are a great retailer that has a very cool and sexy vibe of a pin-up style art to their site that is run by women for those looking for body safe quality products sold by some amazing people.  Their sexy toy experts test each and every product they sell to insure that you are getting a quality product that they have approved.  I highly recommend checking out their site and adding them to your list of preferred retailers!

We have been destined to work with man We-Vibe products and nearly all of them have delivered while being made with body safe silicone.  Betty’s Toy Box offered us the opportunity to test out the We-Vibe Nova.  The Nova is a dual stimulating vibrator designed to hit both the g-spot and clitoris with the intention of giving you a mind blowing supernova explosion of an orgasm! This sounded like a fantastic idea!

Every Nova Contains a Star or Two…

I’m not an astronomist or astronomy geek (I mean that with the utmost respect) so please forgive me if I state something wrong.  All wrong facts stated by me are my own, and please consult a real expert if you need real astronomical advice!  So anyway, back to the sex toy Nova! The Nova contains two motors, one in each silicone covered stimulating area.  The clitoral stimulation is very flexible so you can position it how you need or press it against the pubic area as hard or light as you prefer in the heat of the moment. The insertable g-spot stimulator is the opposite.  It is hard in order to hit the right spot and comes to a point from the shape of the head.


The Nova includes the current magnetic charging cord (which is currently our favorite magnetic charger) and a lovely white storage bag.  It is only available in the pink / white color scheme.  The vibration is controlled by a five buttons in all.  There is a circular “on” button.  The top and bottom of the button contain the (+/-) buttons to control the power of the vibration.  To each side of the button there are (</>) arrows to toggle the vibration pattern.  The Nova is also compatible with the We-Connect app.  I find the app is much easier to control the pattern with once you get used to it, but it’s hard to toggle using the app in the heat of the moment or if your hands are covered in lube.  The buttons are easily accessible in solo or use with more than one person, which isn’t always the case with vibrators.


An Astronomical Event or a No Go?

So a funny thing about the word Nova.  There are several types of astronomical events that classify a nova, all involving an action by a star.  In Spanish, no va translates to “Doesn’t Go”.  So what would our experience be with the Nova? For our sakes, it was definitely closer to the astronomical event.  We haven’t enjoyed a dual stimulating vibe this much since we started out two years ago with our Lelo Soraya! The vibration rumble through both sections of the Nova with orgasmic depths.  My amazing wife still does not have straight g-spot orgasms, but holding the Nova in her with the flexible clitoral arm pressed up against her clitoris gave her amazing orgasms! She has not squirted from its use, but it’s a different type of stimulation for her that works just as well! (You can have many different types of amazing orgasms and I absolutely love that!) Another perk to the flexible “clitoral arm” is that it can also wrap around a penis.  After my wife orgasms, she enjoys wrapping it around my penis and stimulating me before we engage in intercourse.  She has never used it to the point of orgasm for me, but it feels fantastic!



Ground Control to Major Tom, Put Your Helmet On

Once again, we approve of a We-Vibe product! Shocker, right?! The Nova definitely lives up to its intended name and use.  This is our favorite dual stimulation toy, and it has taken two years to find one better than our first.  This a great addition for our collection, and if you like dual stimulating vibes, I can give you our recommendation to purchase this, especially from our friends at Betty’s Toy Box!

Our lives have been very busy, professionally and personally, so I apologize for the gaps in our reviews.  This will be a regular occurrence unfortunately, but I will do my best to provide updates and reviews as often as we can.  We still have a few more items to review in our closet, but I appreciate your patience.


I would like to thank Betty’s Toy Box for giving me the opportunity to review this product in exchange for an honest review

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