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Our Review: Tenga Flex Series

The Ying and Yang of Masturbation Sleeves

Tenga has released its newest product line with the Tenga Flex.  The Flex is available in two different styles of sleeves, the Silky White and Rocky Black.  I have been impressed with every Tenga product I have used in the past which have been used for penis stimulation.  I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve enjoyed every Tenga sleeve product we have used, from the low-cost disposable eggs, to the Twist Cups, the 3D Sleeve, and the higher end Flip Hole.  The Flex line fits somewhere in the middle and performs with the best!  Tenga was kind enough to send me both items for a comparative review.

Photo courtesy of Tenga


Getting a Grip on the Flex

The design of the Tenga Flex models look the same except for the different colors.  Operating each item is the same as well.  The top simply unscrews and pulls out to reveal the insertion point of the sleeve.  The first time you open the Flex you will find an included sample pouch of Tenga’s own lube.  This is great for a first use or to save as a travel size! I highly recommend your penis be fully erect and covered in some lube before insertion, as the sleeve is tight (in a good way) at first.  You also should put lube into the sleeve itself.  Once I got into the Flex it flexed appropriately and felt great! While using the flex on yourself or partner, I enjoyed covering the small air hole at the top of the sleeve.  This is also recommended by Tenga, as this creates a vacuum around the penis and feels fantastic! When the Flex is pushed all the way down, it is similar to a deep throat sensation or when you are pressed all the way into your partner.  I keep wanting to call the Flex the Twist because the spiraling design of the sleeves makes your hand want to spiral it as the Flex is moved up and down (oh and that feels SOOOO good!).

The Flex is reusable, but if you do not properly clean the sleeve whether is contains lube, ejaculate, or both,  this product will become quickly disposable.  Proper cleaning and drying is the most important part of any masturbation sleeve as mold will develop if it is not properly dried.  Tenga has designed a built in drying rack for the Flex, as it has with other products.  The cap has a plastic rod attached.  So simply flip the top upside down and you have your drying rack!  Once it is dry, revert the cap and use the pole to help properly insert the dry, mold free sleeve back into its casing.  Tenga recommends storing the Flex in a dark place while not in use to avoid discoloration or any other light damage.  So “what is the difference between the Silky and the Rocky?” you ask?  Well let me tell you….


Photo Courtesy of Tenga

Do You Like it Smooth or Rough?

The Silky and Rocky are made for different intensities on the penis.  The Silky is softer and easier to squish with your grip.  The sleeve is a little softer and felt a little more natural to me.  I felt the ease to squish the sleeve made the twisting motion come more natural in use, as did my wife.  The Rocky is a little more stiff on the outer casing requiring a harder grip to use.  The sleeve felt more intense and while I can’t tell you every detail of how each part of the sleeve felt different, the Rocky would bring me to orgasm faster.  I don’t really know why, I just tell you how it is for me. 🙂  They both felt fantastic! If you want a longer slower session, I  would recommend the Silky White.  If you want to get the job done fast and maybe be a little more intense, go with the Rocky.  A downside to the Silky White is the color.  It’ll show more blemishes and the outside will need to be cleaned a little more to keep up the appearance.


Feel the Lightning and the Thunder 

The Tenga Flex line is another great addition to the Tenga family!  Tenga is my favorite manufacturer of sleeve style masturbators.  I am a believer in their company and products.  I am on top of the world while using the Flex by myself or with my wife.  She really enjoyed using the Silky White on me, watching my face as she twisted it around my penis and bringing me to the edge of orgasm. It’s so mean and fun at the same time and I’d bet my life she loves watching me squirm!  She sure is sweet but she has her demon side, too! I can’t lie, I enjoy it and I’d do whatever it takes to test more Tenga products with her!

I’d like to thank Tenga for providing me with Tenga Flex products.  I have submitted an honest review based on my personal experience with the product

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