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Our Review: Persian Palm Lulu

When Art and Pleasure Join Together

We were blown away when our friends at Luxury Vibrators offered us the rare chance to review a custom designed hand-made ceramic product from Persian Palm.  This is the first time I’ve worked with either company and it has been our pleasure to work with these great companies.  Luxury Vibrators is exactly what their name implies.  They have joined the ranks of the high-end body friendly merchants who sell only the best products.  I have become very picky with who I work with over time and Luxury Vibrators checked every box.  Bonnie and Stacie know their entire product line and will not hesitate to offer advice if you are a first time shopper or an experienced user looking for input on a new device.  Please check out their site!

Persian Palm in itself is an amazing company.  They are based in the Tuscan region of Italy (it’s amazing there!  Go now!) using the finest ceramic material, which is solid and completely body safe, for all their products.  Each product is glazed and hand painted one by one for every standard or custom order they receive.  When you get your order, the product was made just for you! The ceramic is hard, safe, and smooth.  Their glaze is body safe and does not contain lead, nickel, or cadmium.  Every element Persian Palm uses complies with food and medical safety regulations, and the nonporous ceramic can be properly cleaned and sterilized with warm water and disinfectant soap.  So do not be worried about these products, just be in awe of them.  Persian Palm products are not made just for your physical pleasure, but for visual pleasure as well.

As You Wish….

We were very overwhelmed when Luxury Vibrators offered us the opportunity to use a custom design for our review.  We talked about what to do for days.  After we agreed on a pattern design, versus a picture or lettering, we found a beautiful henna pattern online and submitted the design to be used on the Lulu Ceramic Dildo.  The artist did a fantastic job and everything done was made to our specifications.  The handpainted detial is amazing and I have the highest respect for their artists.  If you elect to make a custom design, don’t be afraid of what you submit! A custom product from Persian Palm would be an amazing present for your lover or yourself, as you can create a memory with your design, as well as a work of art.


Is that a Dildo or Tequila?

Our Lulu arrived in a multilayered cardboard box with a hole cut just for the Lulu.  In a way it almost is like hiding a sex toy in a book, much like hiding a rock hammer in the Bible at Shawshank Prison.  The only problem with using the box for storage is that you can’t display the Lulu as a piece of art!


Persian Palm’s products could honestly be displayed with your finest decorations.  In fact, while we were on a recent vacation to Mexico, our resort was sampling a tequila that came in a ceramic bottle.  All I could think about was that it looked like a display for Persian Palm at an expo! We were quite amused by this observation!

Are those dildos?

We have grown to love using dildos as a couple, as I’ve shared before.  She can receive the pleasure she gets from penetration while I can stimulate her in other ways and she does the same to me.  It is much easier for me to edge and resist orgasm till she is ready for me or I climax in another way.  I still love using the dildo on her while receiving oral sex!

The Lulu isn’t the typical phallic design of a dildo.  It has soft lines (inspired by the hills of Tuscany) and curves that are designed for g-spot stimulation and each bulb provides a new jolt of pleasure as it moves in and out, either vaginally or anally.  We only use Lulu vaginally.  Lulu is a great size, not too big at 5.91 inches of insertable length and the diameter ranges from .95 inches in the skinny sections all the way up to 2.52 inches on the bulbs.  When we were picking out the design, I was very tempted to ask if we could get it painted like the bottle from “I Dream of Jeanie”.  After all, Jeanie was one of my first tv crushes, even though we couldn’t see her belly button!


Once I looked at that actual design, I didn’t want to push any boundaries, but I’m sure Persian Palm could do that design if you wanted!  My wife really enjoyed using Lulu together and solo as it has a great grip and slides very easily with minimal lubrication due to the smooth ceramic material.  She experienced great pleasure from our use with Lulu and if it stays out on the night stand after you are too worn out after sex, the kids won’t wonder why a fake penis is lying around your bedroom when they barge in a 645.  Instead it can be described as a handmade work of art!

Customized for Your Desires

So feel free to check out Luxury Vibrators and their line of Persian Palm products.  Each product is handmade, so please allow at least 10 days to receive the product as it will be shipping free from Italy.  Persian Palm also has several other dildo designs as well as a line of plugs those who engage in anal play.  There are very few sex products that can be presented with as much class and pride than a Persian Palm item.  I can’t imagine anything more beautiful to insert in you or your partner than a custom made product from Persian Palm.



I would like to thank Luxury Vibrators for giving me the opportunity to review this product in exchange for an honest review

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