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Our Review: Sheets of San Francisco Fun Sheet Plus

Freedom Between the Sheets

So about the time my wife had a squirting orgasm for the first time, I was in conversation with my friend Liam at Couples Playthings about it and he suggested we tried out Sheets of San Francisco’s products.  Sheets of San Franscisco was very generous and let us select the Funsheet Plus Fitted Sheet in King Size (for our bed) to test out.  We were both very excited for this opportunity!

Sheets of San Francisco offers a range of products that protect your bed, couch, pillows, carpet, upholstery, or anything you can cover from a messy session of sex.  These products are manufactured with the highest quality while being durable and comfortable to use.  The sheets are very easy to clean up and will not let any liquid penetrate through to the surface.  In fact, the flat sheet could be very handy in a storm during an emergency! You may think this is just another rubber sheet, but this material is nice to lay on, you won’t stick to the surface (unless you want to), and it is breathable.  We were quite amazed with our fitted sheet’s comfort! Sheets of San Francisco sends their products in an amazing box complete with printed directions for use and this is a nice enough box that you could keep it for storage if you’d like.  We were VERY impressed! The sheets and pillow cases are available in black and white.  The flat sheet is only available in an 84×100 inch size and the fitted sheet is available for Full, Queen, King, and California King.  (Sorry if you are planning on having messy sex on a Twin size bed! Yeah, we all know that probably shouldn’t happen…) There is also a “Strap Pattern” available for the flat sheet and custom patterns can be designed as well.  All products are manufactured with the highest quality in the United States.

Don’t Forget the Rubber Sheets and the Gerbils…

The first time I saw Christmas Vacation, I was hardly of age to see it.  Since then, I’ve noticed the line “After that long drive, we could use some private time.  Honey, why don’t you run and get the kids things, and don’t forget the rubber sheets and the gerbils” and many miss it.  Honestly, the first time we got our FunSheet out, I couldn’t resist! It turns out Cousin Eddie & Cathrine needed a little kink after that long drive from Kansas to Chicago! And that is my mind, but no gerbils for us! Now back to the review!…

I think the FunSheet speaks for itself.  It works great and is worth every penny.  Investing in just the flat sheet, or a whole set, will save you time, money, and worry about your regular bedding when you decide to get messy during sex.  My favorite part about using the fitted sheet was that there was nothing to worry about.  You can use all the oil, lube, condiments, or experiment however you’d like with the sheets because you won’t ruin them.  You and your partner can have the biggest orgasms and you don’t have to worry about any wet spots, unless you overshoot your boundaries, of course.  We have had lots of fun using lotions and massaging oils with the sheets and engaging in NURU style massage.  It is so fun to get all slippery and rub each other’s naked bodies all over one another!  Once you are done, you can simply remove the sheet, throw it in the wash on warm and tumble or air dry it.  Do not use bleach, do not iron, or dry clean any of these products.  The fitted sheet came out good as new from the wash machine, and we have experienced no fading or fatigue in the sheets.

Fit of Royalty (also our headboard has secret compartments that fold out!)

Do you want to use these as everyday sheets? That’s up to you.  I am a very hot sleeper, meaning I radiate heat while I sleep, so for me, that’s a “no”.  If you are a cold sleeper, these could be great for everyday use, as they seem to get warmer the longer you lay on or use them.  Now if you think this could ruin some spontaneity, my friend Liam gave us a great tip! We place our fitted sheet under our regular sheet, much like a mattress cover.  That way you can quickly remove your fitted sheet and have your own mud wrestling match, or bathe each other in honey while and then clean each other up with a warm towel.  The Funsheet does for your bed (or floor / couch / backseat…) what The Cumpanion can do for your body.  After several of our tests, we realized that these two products actually complement each other very nicely.

Carefree Orgasms

Sheets of San Francisco have done an amazing job designing and creating their products.  I can’t wait to see what they design next! They have recently designed a cover for the holy grail of sex toys, The Sybian.  Now if we could only get a Sybian to test…. I’m sorry, I started to fade into a fantasy there.  So yes, these sheets aren’t cheap, but neither is buying a new set of sheets every time you get messy with your sex.  If you are reading this review, I will assume you have or you will get messy with sex at some point.  We both love not having to worry about the cleanup and it makes a great fluid proof cover for your mattress as well! I hope you take the plunge and invest in these products, you will not regret it.


I would like to thank Sheets of San Fransisco for giving me the opportunity to review their product in exchange for an honest review

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