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Our Review: TryAngles Mirrors

Bringing Their Dreams to Reality


I believe everyone should have a chance to make their dream come true and I love meeting sexual innovators trying to make sex better for all of us.  This is how I met my dear friends at AnnaRae through their great product The Cumpanion.  This past spring I was also approached by a company trying to bring a new view of sex call TryAngles.

Before I explain the product, I think it’s nice to know the story behind it.  Like many ideas, this started with a group of friends talking about sex and how to make it more exciting.  I love this, because we are sharing our experience doing the same thing through this blog.  There is a 100% chance you will go into a sexual funk if you are in a long term relationship.  So the question isn’t if, but when this will happen.  The answer is “how will you get out of this funk and try to avoid them in the future”?  I also love that this group of friends is comfortable enough to talking openly about their sex lives with each other.  That is something we still struggle with outside of our blogging community.

During the conversation, mirrors were often brought up amongst this particular group of friends.  From the TryAngles site:


  • One couple initiated things in the bathroom by climbing on the vanity to utilize the bathroom mirror.
  • Another took the bedroom mirror off the wall to get a better view.
  • A third couple had never thought to bring a mirror into the picture, but they were curious about the logistics of the setup.

So as with many startups, this conversation lead to an idea that they wanted mirrors that were portable, accessible, the right measurements, safe in case of a mishap, and discreet.  The TryAngle was born.  The TryAngle mirrors are available as a set and are surrounded & supported by Body-Safe Foam that is waterproof, lightweight (under 3 lbs for the set), portable (just about 8.5×11) and safe for any environment while giving the product a high level of durability.   The supports can adjust, as well as the mirror to fit on various surfaces, and angles to meet all your desired views.  There is also a Smart Ledge on the mirrors that will support your phone if you enjoy making consented videos during sexual activity for whatever angle you desire to see yourself and / or your consenting partner.  The foam is available in 3 colors, that all sex products seem to be available in.  Black, purple, and pink. It is available to purchase and ship in the United States and other countries all over the world.  TryAngles are easily packed up and stored in their box, but if you left them out, no one would know the difference between them and a typical vanity mirror.  They also have a glass cleaner that works very well, with a nonalcoholic coconut oil base which leaves no residue and less dust will accumulate over time.  There is also a little easter egg in the pic for our readers #winkyface





Do You See What I See?

We received the TryAngles in a discreet box that also contains instructions and doubles as storage.  They are well constructed and easily assembled and look nice.  The TryAngles do exactly what they are supposed to do (be safe, portable, multi-angle mirrors) but I do have some issues with them.  You have to plan to use them, it’s not something that is easily whipped out and used as an instant turn on.  So whatever it is you want to look at during sex that you can’t normally see, whether it’s a certain body part, angle, yourself, or whatever you’ve been desiring to see outside of your POV, you have to get into the right position in the right spot for it or you’ll end up with looking at a patch of skin on your partner’s neck instead of their face while you engage in doggy-style sex or wanting to watch oral but you get a view of a hairy belly button (of course these are just examples and if you love hairy bellies or neck skin, good for you! We all have our turn-ons, I’m not trying to offending anyone here)!

ALSO! I almost forgot, but it’s one of my last notes! Do you like to watch yourself masturbate? Or have you always wanted to watch yourself masturbate? This product can work well for that, too! You can enjoy watching yourself stroke, finger, penetrate, vibrate, or however you like to pleasure yourself with the TryAngles.  At least I kind of enjoyed it while having another eye on something else at the same time.


I do love the illustrations on the TryAngles site, and if they can work great for your sex life, fantastic!  We don’t have a lot of mirrors in our room, but I do love when we stay in a hotel and I can watch from a full length mirrored closet, a big mirror over the bed, or hanging on the wall where I can get a good wide angled shot of us having sex.  We aren’t “EXTREME CLOSEUP!!” people when it comes to sex.  Yup, got a Wayne’s World reference in a review, once again showing my age and immaturity.  Isn’t random recall of the mind fun?!



I would like to thank TryAngles for providing their product in exchange for a fair and honest review!



One thought on “Our Review: TryAngles Mirrors

  1. They advertise these on Amazon here in Feb 2019, and I tried to order them, but both the product AND the company behind it don’t appear to exist in any real way.


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