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Our Review: The SenseMax SenseVibe

Sensing Something Special

We have been playing with new toys and SenseMax was kind enough to provide us a SenseVibe for an honest review.  Sensemax recently celebrated their first anniversary as a company and I think they are doing some interesting things.  I am very excited about the new and creative minds in the industry that are thinking outside the box and using technology to make their products even better.  I really dig their core values as a company which include:

– We believe that sexual fulfillment makes us happier and healthier people

– We believe that virtual reality technology can help those with sexual anxiety or dysfunction minimize or overcome their challenges in a safe, non-judgmental environment

– We believe that it is our duty to make great products that serve to reach sexual fulfillment

– We believe in democratizing the channels of acquisition for our products

– We are not satisfied until good becomes better and better becomes outstanding

Now this is a company I can work with based on their values and goals.  They are creating ways to bring the VR world, which is the future of sex toys and some sexual interaction, which is intriguing to me.  We did not have the opportunity to explore their VR experiences, but my mind just explodes with the possibilities! But anyway, back to the SenseVibe.




I Think We Have Case Here!

The first thing that really excited me about the SenseVibe was its case! The case looks like a nice sunglasses case and charges the SenseVibe via magnetic charging.  It looks great, and is very discreet.  As our children get older, more nosey, and more annoying, seeing a case like this sitting on the night stand would just look like a pair of glasses lying around, assuming one of you wear glasses of any sort.  It will also be great for travel, and the SenseVibe contains an easy travel mode.  In fact, the SenseVibe came with the travel mode activated.   When you receive the SenseVibe, it isn’t broken, just press the (+) and (-) buttons simultaneously to unlock it.  The case is one of my favorite parts of the SenseVibe, and I think it speaks greatly for the future of the company.



A New Sensation?

When I hear the word “sensation” I can’t help but think of the INXS song “New Sensation”

Well that’s the reason why I’m here
Hey hey
Are you ready for a new sensation, new sensation
Right now
Gonna take you on a new sensation, new sensation


And who doesn’t want the from a sexual experience or orgasm? I wouldn’t call the design revolutionary.  It’s a body safe silicone covered dual vibration vibrator with a motor on each tip.  Please only use water based lube with any and all silicone products.  The motor is strong and offers 8 different patterns and speeds.  The controls are slightly confusing in that to turn it off, you must press the (-) until the vibe shuts off, which is not an instant turn off (or turn on if you want a one button turn off).  The SenseVibe is actually quite flexible but still has a solid firmness to the shaft.  I really like the overall construction of the product.

So with a dollop of Sliquid, we used the SenseVibe vaginally.  We aren’t big fans of the clitoral  stimulator, the shape just didn’t hit the spot for my wife.  This part of the vibe is not flexible and it’s tough to maneuver the entire vibe to hit the right spot for a sensational orgasm.  She does not have vaginal orgasms from vibrators, but it had a nice rumble to it and she liked it when holding in a single spot but not in a constant in-and-out motion.  BUT with all sex products, you need to look beyond it’s obvious intended use and explore new ways to use them.

We have had incredible experience in using insertable vibrators for clitoral stimulation.  We haven’t had a lot of sex lately.  Life has been busy, along with the summer mixed in with back to school and sports starting up for the kids.  I wish we had time to test sex toys every night and lock ourselves in our bedroom on the weekend and be sexual recluses.  BUT that’s not our case.  Not one bit! We may possibly get to do this when we got to Mexico later this month, but not here, not now.  I really love my kids, but being an empty nester in 13 years sounds fantastic.  As I digress, I don’t know if the lack of sex or the SenseVibe is responsible, but I’m going to give all the credit to the SenseVibe since this is their time and space.  My wife had her biggest squirting orgasm to date with while using the shaft of the vibe for a clitoral orgasm.  Since she had her first squirting orgasms, she hasn’t had one for a while, and they weren’t huge.  Her orgasm this time went over the Cumpanion and onto her lower leg.  I love watching her achieve maximum satisfaction, no matter how it occurs.  This was an unanticipated perk to the SenseVibe that may keep it in our toys available to reach at all times.

Sensing the Possibilities

So I really like what SenseMax as a company is doing for the future of the industry and orgasms.  After, the goal is ultimate pleasure and orgasms, by yourself or with a partner.  I prefer sharing them, as most great experiences are better to share with someone you love.  Is the SenseVibe a groundbreaking new product? Not really, but they have some great starts like their discrete charging case, SenseMax is using good motors, and you never know what you’re going to get with a nice rumbly motor! (Sploosh!?!?!) I am very interested in their future endeavors in the VR world and the future of sex.

I would like to thank SenseMax for providing the SenseVibe in exchange for a fair and honest review!

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