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Our Review: The We-Vibe Verge

On the Verge of Something Special

If you have noticed, I haven’t reviewed many cock rings for you, my readers.  As a couples focused blog written from a male perspective, you may wonder why? Early on, I was given the opportunity to review a well thought of vibrating ring, and neither I nor my lovely wife received any pleasure from it.  We didn’t enjoy it, and frankly, it got in the way of our normal intercourse without enhancing it.  So I have stayed away from these products, just thinking they weren’t for me or us.  LUVOQA, a very nice store that shares our blogging community’s passion and commitment to body safe toys, was kind enough to work with me and offer us the opportunity to try the We-Vibe Verge.  The Verge is a different type of ring, with a different shape and we have had lots of fun reviewing We-Vibe products, so we decided to give it a try.


What makes The Verge different is its shape.  We-Vibe continues to use high quality silicone that is body safe and should be used with a water based lube (and the user WILL need lube).  The Verge is also compatible with the We-Vibe Connect App, which is the only way I recommend controlling The Verge, as you can easily navigate the 10 vibration patterns much easier than doing so on The Verge’s buttons.  The Verge is also waterproof and charges via We-Vibe’s newest magnetic charger.  The “tongue” of The Verge is what makes it so different and interesting to me.  It is able to be directed in 3 different directions.  The original purpose is to stimulate the male perineum, while having it curve downwards under the scrotum.  The second was is to have it facing upwards, curved over the penis and pressed against the lower abdomen, and the third is to have it curved outward, towards the receiver.  If the receiver is a female, this can offer clitoral stimulation.  I would really like to talk about the perineum a little more, as it’s a new topic for us on the blog.

We don’t talk about the perineum enough.  All genders have this area, on a male it is the area between the scrotum and the anus.  I have previously mentioned my wife using vibrators around and below my scrotum, and this area is the perineum.  If this area is stimulated, the receiver may end up begging for anal pleasure, as it is so close and the stimulation will drive you wild enough that you want your partner (or self) to keep going down.  Of course that final decision is up to you, but in the heat of the moment, it’s a very desired feeling.  I personally love having my perineum stimulated by toys, during oral sex, or with fingers.  I recommend starting off light in a circular motion and gradually applying more pressure or put the vibrator on a higher speed.  THIS is why I was excited to test The Verge.


How Does this Go On? or Are My Balls Bigger Than I Thought???


The hardest part (pun fully intended) of even testing The Verge is putting the dang thing on.  If you wait until you or your partner are fully erect, it can be nearly impossible to put on.  The silicone ring needs to be stretched and I recommend using some lube to get the ring completely around the scrotum.  The first attempt at using this was a complete disaster for us, because we couldn’t get The Verge on me without causing pain.  After reading other’s experiences, and wondering if my balls are larger than average (I still have NO idea, but I’m probably average) I found out this is very common.  So place The Verge on during foreplay before the user is completely erect, got it?

I mentioned earlier the We-Connect app.  This is the best app in the business for controlling sex toys, and in the case of The Verge, it is the most recommended way to control it.  It’s very difficult to push the buttons on The Verge while wearing it, so I would go as far as saying We-Connect is the ONLY way I recommending controlling the 10 different vibration patterns and speeds on The Verge.

I am often jealous of my wife’s toys and how much pleasure they can induce through her body.  I enjoy them being used on me, but I’m being selfish here, and I have really wanted more power based toys that can give me pleasure during sex.  (Thank you Hot Octopuss for the Pulse III) I enjoyed the rumbles, but honestly, The Verge was never completely comfortable wrapped around my penis & scrotum.  It always felt tight and never easily went on. It is impossible to change the direction of the tongue without removing it, due to the anatomy being in the way, from user stimulation to receiver stimulation from what we can figure.  The Verge has given my wife the most pleasure from the vibrations aimed at her clitoris out of all the other “couple” vibes we’ve tried, but we prefer to use other methods and toys.  I never actually had an orgasm wearing The Verge, and it became distracting for me while dealing with the comfort issue and trying to have sex at the same time.

Too Tight, Too Light

So I really like the We-Vibe Verge design.  The tongue of The Verge is a great idea as the perineum is a vastly overlooked area of stimulation and if you don’t play with the perineum, I highly recommend it, even if you choose not to engage in anal play (we don’t) because it feels so good and it is a great way to build up the intensity of an erection and will make the penis rock hard during foreplay.  The ring on The Verge needs to be a little bigger and have more stretch so that I can be comfortable and be able to relax and focus on having sex.  I really think We-Vibe is on the verge of something special here, but this product isn’t for us.

I would like to thank LUVOQA for providing the We-Vibe Verge in exchange for a fair and honest review!




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