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Our Review: YES Organic Lubricants

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Before You Lube, Read the Tube

We love using lubricants during all facets of our sexual activity.  As with most people, we started out buying whatever lubes they sold at the local big box store, not really thinking about what was in them or if they were safe for our bodies and toys.  Once I started our blog and learned about all the other options and uses for each type of lube, an entire new world was opened up to us! At the time we used condoms for birth control, who knew that you have to use water based lubes while using any silicone or latex based product (condoms and toys!) or that lube can make latex porous and even cause it to tear? Honestly, we never even thought about how our bodies are absorbing each and every ingredient in the lube through our skin and inside my wife! All this information blew our minds! I felt awful not knowing exactly if I was putting our health at danger or if we could be using an ineffective form of birth control all in the name of proper lubrication. Fast forward to today and I really appreciate everyone who has taught us and written articles about proper use and safety of lubes, toys, and how the government doesn’t do much to make sure that every company is making body safe products.  We now know what types of lubes to use, but do you?

I haven’t written any reviews on lubes but we have a few favorites that meet all safety and satisfaction requirements.  The lovely ladies at The Yes Yes Company were kind enough to ask us to review two of their lubes for them, their YES WB (water based) Lubricant and YES OB (plant oil based lubricant) that are part of their YES Intro Pack.  We received the Intro Pack in excchange for a fair and honest review.  The Intro Pack comes with each product listed above in 3 different sizes.  Each lube comes in a 50ml tube, a 7ml sachet, and a 5ml prefilled applicator.  This is great, as each size can be used for a different situations and place.  We kept the 50ml in our bedroom and the smaller amounts have been saved for a vacation or a night out in which we won’t need an entire tube full.  Or will we? Insert Winky Faced emoji here.  The 5ml prefilled applicator is a new design for us and is great for “on the go” sex because there isn’t the mess of tearing open a packet.  I really like this design.  The Intro pack comes in a nice box and then each size of the 2 lubes are in a nice bag which is professional looking and would look great as part of a sex themed gift basket.  I feel like Martha Stewart here, so I’m going to keep moving along….

Why Should We Say “Yes!” to “YES”?

So we know the answer to the question is “Yes” but what is the question? To understand that we need to know who is asking the question.  I just love the background of the women who created YES! Cue flashback harp music….. So back in 2003, two lovely ladies, Sarah and Susi were working for Pfizer, who makes VIAGRA.  The magic little blue pill was doing wonders for horny old men and other men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.  While this amazing accidental discovery (it was originally a heart medication, and the test subjects noticed a stiff side effect!) the poor ladies were getting worn out from their reinvigorated partners.  At this time, there were very few organic plant based lubricants on the market.  If you think about it, the word “organic” was very new to nutritional and especially cosmetic products in 2003.   Sarah and Susi set out to “change the world from the inside”.  Their background working with in drug safety gave them the knowledge of health risks associated with synthetic and chemical ingredients.  They were shocked to find a consistent use of synthetic ingredients with possible serious side effects in the most common lubes on the market, and YES was born.  After years of research and personal investment they designed a line of products that are certified and as pure as possible.  They are certified organic and

  • Free from hidden synthetic chemicals (harmful or not)
  • Free from all known mucosal irritants
  • Natural Ingredients (plant based and occurring in Nature)
  • Beneficial (using plants that are known to benefit the mucosa and skin)
  • Feel really good on skin and work really really well
  • Look good, no smutty images or demeaning language on the packaging
  • Be transparent about their ingredients and benefits

YES lubrication is recommended by medical professionals, is hormone free and gentle enough for sensitive skin.  So YES has a quote they operate by, “Sex is not the answer.  Sex is the Question.  YES is the answer”  – All of this amazing history is provided from the YES website along with more in depth information about their products.  I highly recommend reading through it all!



So yes, that was very long but I think it is great information worth knowing and sharing.  The YES WB (water based) is odorless, tasteless, and leaves zero residue.  It is perfectly safe to use with condoms and sex toys.  It has a specific PH balance for the vagina and acts as a substitution for the body’s natural lubricant.  YES WB is very liquidy, and be prepared for that when squeezing the tube.  As a water based lubricant, this is exactly how is should be! We have found it great for using with our toys and helping enhance her clitoral sensitivity through the moisture while stimulating her with toys that have a tendency to dry her out with air pulsations and suction.  While using the WB, the vagina will dry out with time as it is water based and being absorbed by the bodies using them. So you may need to reapply, but to me that just shows WB works properly and is made to replace your natural lubrication.  WB will not leave a sticky residue on your hands, toys, sheets, towels, penis, testicles, vagina, vulva, clitoris, anus, or anywhere else you place it.  We have enjoyed using it thoroughly, I would recommend leaving your tube nearby if you are having an extended session of sexual activity for reapplication.


YES OB (plant oil based) is a much different product than the WB.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect as this was the first plant oil based lubricant we have used.  The consistency was much like classic Vaseline, but this is in fact much different in its ingredients.  OB is designed to be a long lasting lubricant on dry and sensitive skin and other areas.  It is a natural alternative to products that contain silicone or are petroleum based.  It can be used as a massage oil and used all over the body.  It contains shea butter, almond oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E.  The 5ml applicators contain Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil and vitamin E.  The OB will NOT rehydrate tissue, does not contain water, and is NOT compatible with condoms.  The oil is long lasting and you will feel the oil on your skin after using it.  It’s great for activity in which water is incorporated, as the water will not instantly wash it away (think hot tub, pool, bath, shower, secluded lagoon with a waterfall after a long hike on an adult vacation).  It is beneficial for your skin, so there isn’t a need to try to wash or wipe it off.  The OB is also odorless, tasteless, and does not distract you or your partner while being intimate.  I feel like it’s a little confusing, because OB is a lube but it does not help with dryness.  It will however increase lubrication and is great for long lasting intercourse or manual stimulation (you know, handjobs & finger stimulation) It can also be used in nonsexual ways, such as preventing or healing chaffed areas after exercise.  So if you are running a marathon or going on a long hike, why not apply some YES OB?

The Answer is YES!

So think of Jeopardy…. “I’ll take Lubrication for $200, Alex”

The Answer is “Yes”

*Contestant buzzes in* “What is a certified organic lubrication that is safe for everyone’s body and will still provide high levels of satisfaction, both sexually and pharmaceuticlly”

Alex, “YES”

We have enjoyed using YES WB and OB, and I really enjoyed reading Sarah and Susi’s story and all the thought, hard work, and design to create a product that is recommended by medical professionals and enjoyed by everyone.  Thank you very much for this opportunity.  If you don’t choose to say YES, then please, please look at the products you are using and what your bodies will absorb while using them.  While we want everyone to have great sex and amazing orgasms, please use proper precaution and safety first.

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