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Their Review: Liberator Talea Spreader Bar

Foreword:  After being in contact with Liberator following my review of the Liberator Wedge, I was offered products to review for them.  I thought we would try something different and experiment in some light beginner bondage.  I was surprised my wife wasn’t very interested in being restrained or restraining me.  I decided we couldn’t give it a fair review.  Luckily we have some friends that are into light bondage, so I was super excited when they agreed to review the Talea for us!  This is their first review, and I’d like to give them all our thanks and love.  I’d also like to apologize to Liberator for the longest overdue review we’ve ever had, but better late than never, right?




The Talea Spreader Bar is a high impact PVC Rod covered in surrounded by foam and a faux leather cover that is both smooth and will resist any tearing.  It is available in three colors (Black, Charcoal and Calert which is a the pictured red and what we recieved).  The cover easily zips off and can be wiped clean.   With the cover on, the Talea measures at 30″ long and 5″ thick.  Also of note is that the cuffs are NOT included in purchase.  I would highly recommend them with the Talea.  There are two types of cuffs you can purchase with the Talea.  We chose the microfiber cuffsmicrofiber cuffs and there is also more traditional leather bondage type cuff.  I chose the microfiber as it would seem less threatening to a beginner, but the leather cuffs are beautiful as well but do cost nearly twice the amount.  Each style of cuff can also be attached to any other Liberator Black item.

Liberator states that the uses for the Talea are only limited to your imagination.  Over time, we have found that with all the products we test and Liberator’s position enhancing products only expand what you can do.  The Talea also comes equipped with 2 D rings on either side which can be used for your own binding options, such as rope or silk sashes.  All Liberator products arrive in compressed discreet packaging.

Be Still My Soul

Let me start off by saying, thank you to Husband’s Passion for giving us the opportunity to review Liberator’s Talea Spreader Bar. This has been the first Liberator product we have gotten our hands (bodies?) on and we were not disappointed.

First impression

Measuring 30” long x 5” thick,  “Where am  I going to store this out of sight??” was my first thought on seeing the Talea Spreader Bar. With little kids in the house, we attempt to keep our toys out of sight, or at least out of reach. I began to investigate Talea further, filled with fully supported polyurethane, I was impressed with the firm solidity yet a touch of give to the foam. A perfect balance between density for support and enough cushion to make you forget the Talea is a spreader bar. As my fingers traced the soft cover, I appreciated the quality of the faux leather material. Fluid proof enough I wouldn’t have to worry about squirting on it but comfortable enough to place under my head. The more I investigated Talea, the less I worried about storing her between uses.


Talea rested behind our bedroom door for a few days before we had the opportunity to incorporate her in our play. This gave me ample time to decide just what I wanted for our first experience with Talea. The time arrived midweek after Mr. had an especially tiresome day at the office and was struggling with decision fatigue. Time to set my plans into motion! I tried not to show my eagerness as we finished our dinner and rounded up the kids for bed.

Locked and Loaded

I started with a gentle back massage and an episode of Mr.’s favorite show to help him relax from the commotion and stress of the day. The house quiet, I converted our couch into a queen bed, grabbed our Tenga, my favorite vibrator and Talea. Tonight would not be about bondage and submission but a safe place where Mr. would not have to make any more decisions for the day. Reclining against the pillows, Mr. started another episode, while I brought Talea and the toys into view. Mr. raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything. I positioned Talea between his legs and began to place the cuffs around Mr.’s ankles. To my surprise, the cuffs are lined with the silkiest of materials, a fact I had missed on my initial investigation. My mind raced with the anticipation of myself being contained by Talea’s soft grasp.


Once secured, I returned my focus to Mr. and his ever growing excitement. It took a bit of coordination for me to figure out how to work my legs around Talea as I kneeled between Mr’s legs to go down on him. With some slight adjustments, I could slip my toes under Talea without causing Talea to pull on Mr.’s ankles. The true fun began when I switched Mr. from my lips to the Tenga while he watched me masturbate with my vibrator. As he edged, Mr. fought to move his legs as waves of excitement washed over him. It was incredible to watch him struggle to move his legs, watching him learn to roll with the excitement coursing through his body.


Once I was satisfied with my own orgasms, I slipped on top of Mr. settling myself in a Cowgirl position. With Mr.’s ankles still restrained, this position created a different rhythm for us to move too. Unable to adjust his legs, the tempo was more up to me and I enjoyed every minute of it. Talea took an “ordinary” position and put a twist on it; putting me more in control, this created a heightened level of excitement for me, while causing Mr. to surrender control of his orgasm to me. Oh it was good!



A few days later, Mr. pulled out Talea out and this time my ankles found themselves wrapped in the soft texture of Talea’s cuffs. Stretched on the bed with my legs spread on either side of Mr.’s hips, Talea rested comfortably behind Mr.’s back and it was my turn to know the feeling of being unable to move to the tempo of my desire. Locked in position, I was no longer able to scurry away from Mr.’s insaciable mouth. Mr. took every advantage of my predicament and enjoyed himself to the fullest.    


There was some adjusting and figuring out how to move with Talea.  Once Mr. decided he wanted more from me, Talea’s length had my legs spread wide but my petite legs caused Talea to pull Mr. in close, leaving him a smaller range for movement. Undeterred, we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest, Talea once more adding a unique twist to our fun.

We Seem to Be A Bit Tied Up at the Moment…

Our final thoughts. Will Talea join us for every romp around the house? Probably, not but I appreciate the numerous ways that Talea can be integrated into sex and the marvelous twists she added to our sex (see Liberator for more ideas). I am looking forward to playing and experimenting more with Talea; having my wrists restrained while Talea’s soft bolster cushions my head or even some solo fun with Talea confining my ankles while personally pleasuring myself.


I want to again, thank Husband’s Passion for giving us the chance to review this fantastic product from Liberator. I highly recommend the Talea Spreader Bar to anyone looking to add a flourish to their sex life.




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