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Our Review: The Satisfyer Pro Penguin and Satisfyer 2

Filling the Suite (or The First Time My Wife Squirted!)

Satisfyer was kind enough to send us three of their products to review.  As always, our reviews are honest and unbiased towards the product. I wrote about the Satisfyer Pro2 earlier, and I am doing a joint review of the other two models, the Pro Penguin and the Satisfyer 2.  The award winning Pro Penguin is a smaller version of the Pro 2 with a few changes.  It is called the penguin because, I guess it slightly resembles a penguin? The Penguin has a larger sucking nozzle (?) and the head also has a slight angle.  It charges via USB (the newer version seems to have a magnetic cord) along with 11 intensities and it is covered in body safe silicone (so use water based lube).  The short stature of the penguin will fit in your hand quite easily.  I have seen many comparisons to the Penguin resembling gender neutral Birdo from the Super Mario Franchise and the Clarisonic Mia.

The Satisfyer 2 is a AAA battery powered suction toy, and I honestly had my doubts considering our past failures with AAA battery toys.  I wasn’t even excited to test it out, but since Satisfyer was kind enough to include it, we needed to give it a whirl.  The Satisfyer 2 isn’t quite as sleek or sexy as its relatives.  With a hard plastic casing and silicone nozzle, it is still body safe and best if used with water based lube.  The controls are on the back of the device and is a little awkward to toggle during use.  They are very self explanatory with a power button and a (+) & (-) buttons to adjust the 11 different sensations.




March of the Penguin



So the Satisfyer Penguin is supposed to be more compact while still containing amazing clitoral sensations for less money and has received multiple awards for its design and performance.  Did you know there are 17 species of penguins, all found in the Southern Hemisphere? The Satisfyer Penguin is also meant for the Southern Hemisphere of the female anatomy! What a coincidence! Penguins are also very powerful swimmers, even the smallest species.  The Satisfyer Penguin lacked in the suction and power for our experience.  Sadly, this little guy just couldn’t keep up with my wife’s increasing need for more power in our devices and she also mentioned the larger tip and angled head actually provided more difficulty while we used it.  We tested this little guy to the brink. We liked the design, the look, and the compactness of it.  The performance was very lacking for us, which was quite surprising considering all the accolades the Penguin has received out of the Satisfyer line.   All the Penguin did was give us loads of frustration and ZERO orgasms.  We’ve had mediocre products that could bring my wife to orgasm eventually, but not the Penguin.  Sorry little guy, you are the weakest link.  Goodbye!

The Satisfyer 2 – A Surprise Party! 

After our good, but not great experience with the Satisfyer Pro2 and the lack of anything positive about the Clarisonic Mia (Mrs loves her Mia), I mean Satisfyer Penguin, I had very low expectation about the Satisfyer 2.  I mean, the name doesn’t even have the world PRO in it, like the other devices.  I’d like to think we are reaching the stages of PRO in our sex toy use, at least AAA level if we haven’t hit the big leagues yet, right? So if the Satisfyer 2 isn’t worth Pro status, can it work for us? It runs on AAA batteries? No way, I don’t even want to give it a shot, but we kinda have to because we don’t want to be an unreliable reviewer.  Even if we are late, better late than never, right? This semi-water resistant product (it is NOT waterproof despite their claims) couldn’t perform for us, could it?

Well surprisingly enough, it rocked our world in ways that we never ever experienced before.  The AAA batteries performed at a higher power for us than the Pro2 and the Penguin, with new levels of pinpoint intensity.  We were VERY surprised.  While using the Satisfyer 2, I inserted by fingers in her and rubbed her g-spot as I have so many other times.  She loves it, but rarely orgasms from it.  While we were both focused on achieving the best orgasms ever (which is always the goal!) she started to feel a warm pushing sensation and for the first time ever she squirted! Now it wasn’t a huge, squirt across the room, probably closer to a dribbling water fountain, but either way, it was amazing! We weren’t prepared for this at all, so you could say the wet spot was quite larger than normal.  I was very excited my wife got to experience this new sensation, and we both hope this is only the beginning.  She also squirted a second time using the Satisfyer Pro2. I wake up quite early for work, and one morning I couldn’t resist and started massaging her.  It lead to sex, but it was pretty quick as I had to get to work.  She still needed to finish herself off, and I was delighted when I received a text saying “Oops I did it again!” This time she was prepared and used her Cumpanion towel to keep the sheets clean.  The Satisfyer 2 was a HUGE surprise for us.  Despite all our preconceived notions, it performed like a champ that wasn’t ready to step aside for the younger up and coming challenger.  It’s not a perfect product, especially with others who have found battery corrosion after using it submerged, but we don’t use toys underwater very often.  So DO NOT use this or any other Satisfyer product under water until the issue has been addressed.  As for recommendation, how can I not recommend a product that made my wife squirt for the first time?! Or the second time?! It isn’t very often a toy truly surprises us, but we received a couple of surprises from the Satisfyer 2!


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