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Our Review: Fun Factory Laya 2

I See We Have Upgrades…

So the last parcel my friend Andy at Good Vibes sent contained two products.  The We-Vibe Wish and the Fun Factory Laya 2.  At the time, the Laya 2 was not available for purchase, but as time went on we missed the boat on getting one of the first reviews of the Laya 2 out on the market.  We have reviewed one previous Fun Factory product, and we had lots and lots of FUN! with it.  The Laya 2 is an upgraded version of the battery powered Laya (obviously!) which is rechargeable.  We’ve never used or seen the original Laya, but as we love the clitoral stimulation, how could we say no?  As always, it arrived discreetly from Good Vibration’s on my doorstep in great time.


The Laya two is a palm sized vibe with an ergonomic curve that is designed to fit in the palm of your hand while having a natural curve to go over the labia or the shaft of a penis.  Is is covered in silicone, so it is body safe and should be used with a water based lube.

When taking the Laya 2 out of the box, it arrived in travel mode.  Travel modes are nice so if you fly, the TSA won’t suspect your device of pleasure as a bomb, and you don’t want to make the news being arrested for a suspected terror attack with a vibrator when you were just wanting some extra fun on your trip! As it arrives in travel mode, it is a little difficult to start at first, as you need to take it out of travel mode.  To unlock the Laya 2, you simply press the FUN button and (+) button for a second, and it’s ready to roll.  To lock the Laya 2, press the FUN button and the (-) button for a second.

The layout of the buttons are a little different, as the control buttons are on the vibrating end of the vibe.  I see how this seems like a good idea, but it was a little confusing for my wife’s muscle memory from other vibes.  Once you get used to the layout it’s good for solo use but it is a little tougher to control while using with a partner without interrupting the moment.  There are four speeds and six buzzy patterns through the (+) and (-) buttons.  I enjoy that Fun Factory has two buttons so it’s easier to toggle between speeds and patterns instead of having to cycle all the way through to get back to a certain speed or setting.  The Laya 2 is rechargeable and contains a magnetic charger.  In my other reviews I mention the importance of magnetic chargers being strong and easy to keep on.  Fun Factory gets this SO right, I think it’s the best magnetic chargers we’ve used on a toy, or anything for that matter.  I don’t own a Mac laptop, so I can’t compare it to that.  Why don’t iPhones have magnetic chargers?  Anyway….




Laya, Drop Me to my knees, Laya

Ok, that might be a stretch for all the Eric Clapton fans out there, but I had to try something and Layla unplugged just came up on my playlist.  I always liked that song, we also had our first dance to “Wonderful Tonight” so Eric Clapton will always have a special place in our hearts.  If you’ve never checked out Eric Clapton’s MTV Unplugged album, that makes me feel very old, and do it now!  You’ll be a better person for it.  Me and my tangents, but hey if it were all about a strict review my mind wouldn’t be as FUN

So Fun Factory says that the Laya 2 is supposed to be innovative, compact, a multipurpose vibe for solo & couples, vulvas & clits & cocks & scrotums.  I LOVE that they advertise this because I think EVERY vibe can be used this way in some fashion.  All toys are couples toys and there isn’t one way to use any toy! We tried all these options.  The Laya 2 is still buzzy and the power reminds me of a good AA battery powered toy and not a rechargeable strong rumbly motor that I would have expected.  I know Fun Factory makes good products, and with all the factors that go into the Laya 2, including the price point, I honestly expected more.

Mrs got pleasure from the buzzies, she tried all the different setting, used lots of lube, and tried multiple times.  Zero orgasms.  Maybe it’s her? Maybe it’s the Laya 2 because she was able to climax with her favorite toys once she got frustrated and quit.  We tried all her favorite types of dual stimulation while she used the Laya 2 when it didn’t get her there all by itself.  Nipple play, dildo play, kissing, massaging, talking, none of it worked. I wasn’t a big fan of the buzzies on my penis or scrotum either, I prefer to low range powered rumble vibes instead of the higher range.  It was ok, but I wouldn’t get it just for my stimulation.

Laying it Down…


So while Fun Factory has other great products, and Good Vibrations offer many of them, We can not recommend the Laya 2.  It doesn’t bring us to our knees, it doesn’t have the long amazing change of pace piano solo to rock your mind off that Layla does during GoodFellas.  I would look at other options depending on what you are looking for.  In many ways, the We-Vibe Wish would be a better substitute, which we ironically received in the same parcel.


I would like to thank Andy and Good Vibrations for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



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