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Our Review: The Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfying That Urge

Satisfyer is the latest company to enter the market of the newest craze in clitoral stimulation, the sucking sensation that drove so many women crazy with the Womanzier products.  Please do not think that Satifyer saw the Womanizer and just whipped out a copy cat.  They have been developing their product time for nearly two years and have put their share of research and development into their product line.  Satisfyer was kind enough to send us several of their products and we chose to test out the Satisfyer Pro2 first.  The Pro2 is elegantly colored in a copper tone and contains a removable silicone head while the body is made from ABS Plastic.  The Pro2 charges with a magnetic connection off the included USB plug, but as with many magnetic connections, it would be nice if it were a bit stronger.


The Pro2 also has 11 different settings to adjust intensities and patterns of the clitoral suction.  Satisfyer advertises the Pro2 as being 100% waterproof, which is a big plus over the Womanzier, but I have heard from other reviewers that they have found corrosion in the Pro2 after using underwater.  So buyer beware, but we do not use toys in water outside of the occasional dildo, so I do not have first hand knowledge of the level of waterproof vs water resistance of the Pro2




Satisfaction for Less


So we were both curious about the Pro2 would stack up against the competition.  We really liked the shape of the handle as well as the buttons being on the back side of the handle vs the front side.  My wife found this much easier to control and hold on her clitoris.  As with the other suction based orgasm machines we have tested, we would definitely recommend using a water based lube to avoid vaginal dryness, or using lube for any sexual activity afterwards.

The strength of the Pro2 was fantastic and met all of our needs.  The hardest part in using the Pro2, as with all of these products, is finding my wife’s clitoris.  Even she has some difficulty at times, so if you or your partner struggle with clitoral orgasms, it’s ok.  Don’t be afraid to keep trying until you find the magical spot to hold your device.  The Pro2 worked for us as good as our Womanizer product.  I wouldn’t say one is far better than the other, my wife has experienced my blowing orgasms with both products.  What’s great about Satisfyer is something I rarely talk about.  The price.  You can have all the amazing orgasms brought on by a Womanzier for a much cheaper cost.  We haven’t tested either product enough to claim any longevity but I think they both work wonderfully.  So why not choose the cheaper option first?


We have also discovered a new use for the suction toys, and that is nipple play! If you have sensitive nipples and enjoy them being licked, kissed, rubbed, massaged, or anything else, give it a try with the Pro2! What I love about toys is that there are far more uses than what is marketed or presumed.  We use every device as a couple and we have built enough trust to let each other use a toy in the other in a new way.  We both enjoy nipple play, and I can state that the Pro2 also assisted me in having an intense orgasm while focusing on my nipples and getting a hand job.

The Pro2 Sucks! (And that’s not bad!)

We enjoyed testing out the Satisfyer Pro2, it brought both of us to having amazing orgasms! We are looking forward to testing out the rest of the products they have sent us. Honestly, we go in between our suction based toys.  Neither is a clear consistent winner in the orgasm department, it just depends on the day.  We do love the handle and button placement of the Pro2.  Please be careful if you are planning on using the Pro2 underwater, especially for long periods of time.  I have several fellow bloggers that have reported that their Pro2 devices were NOT waterproof.  I have not seen a response from Satisfyer to see if it was a manufacturing error or if there is a design flaw.  That is how most toys are for us, as well as sex.  I love that Satisfyer has been able to bring the clitoral suction based toy to the market at a cheaper price point and still deliver at an equal level of pleasure.



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