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Our Review: The We-Vibe Wish

I Wish I Wish With All My Heart…

So if you’ve been reading our reviews long, you know that we have done our fair share of reviews for We-Vibe (who makes excellent toys) and Good Vibrations (because Andy Duran is my Han Solo-Red Redding-Ninja-Sex Toy-Santa) and I am very grateful to continue my relationship with both companies.  We LOVE the Tango, its cousin Touch, as well as the Rave and the Sync is the best “couples” vibe we have used (review still pending) so I was over the moon to try the We-Vibe Wish.  I am guessing the name Wish came from feedback from their other “solo” vibrators of what reviewers wished for.  There is all sorts of new orgasm tech crammed into this 4 inch hummingbird vibe for everyone.  As always, it arrived discreetly from Good Vibration’s on my doorstep in great time.


The We-Vibe Wish is only available in a lovely shade of blue, which is nice that it isn’t purple, pink, or black.  We really need more orange sex toys.  I digress…. The Wish contains TWO motors packed into the 4 inch silicone covered (waterproof) and it contains an all new magnetic charger.  This is a definite upgrade than the previous magnetic connection on the Tango & Touch.  The connection is better and the charger doesn’t roll off.  A note to all companies, strong magnets are your friend if you are charging magnetically.  The ergonomically vulva shaped vibrator is operated with the push of a single button that will cycle through 10 patterns of vibration.  The Wish can also be used with the We-Connect app.  We no longer use the app due to the controversy surrounding it and that is one negative about We-Vibe.  You can read We-Vibe’s response HERE.  I hope they’ve learned their lesson and continue making great products.  The Wish contains the all new “Power Pulse” technology, which is a fancy way of saying that there are two motors that work in sync together to create new vibrations and pulses.  I have read mixed reviews about it, as it can be distracting and take some time to adjust to.




Wishing Upon a Vibe

“I wish, I wish with all my heart to orgasm away to lands apart.” I can picture it now, two adults holding the Wish together and saying this and being whisked away to magical orgasm land together.  Sorry, I’ve watched my fair share of Dragon Tales, haven’t we all? No? Well good for you then.  #Parenthood  Anyway, that’s what I think of when I hear the word Wish….


So this is a sex toy review, isn’t it? The Wish fits very nicely in the palm of a hand as well as against a vulva.  The Power Pulse technology is meant to offer broad wand type stimulation throughout the entire area.  The two motors were together as the vibrations roll through the Wish and may take some time getting used to.  Be patient and relax, that’s the best advice I can give you for a clitoral orgasm.  We used the Wish multiple times before my wife finally had the climax she was looking for.  (not droids, orgasms!) I think it is very interesting how the two very powerful motors work together.  That brings me to another point, I love the power the Wish offers.  I would love to see this power put into a new and improved Tango, along with the new magnetic charger.  We do wish that there were settings where only one motor was operational at a time. We would love to have all that power in just the tip for an amazing pinpointed orgasm.  Much like the Touch, the Wish is designed more for those who prefer a more broad vibration.


No toy is created for just one gender or to be only used alone! Despite common thinking,  as we have played with toys together as a couple, I have come to enjoy vibrators used all around me as well.  I have sensitive nipples, and I love them being stimulated.  Moving downward, the Wish fits perfectly against a penis shaft as well as down to the scrotum and a little vibration against the anus can feel great as well, even if you don’t want anal penetration.  The Wish works well in all these areas and is the second “solo” designed toy to bring me to an orgasm, along with the Magic Wand.  Using toys as a couple doesn’t hurt your relationship, use them to make the sex and your bond stronger!

A Wish Come True?

We are all hoping, dreaming, and wishing for an amazing orgasm(s) every time we engage in sexual activity by ourselves or with a partner(s).  Every time we receive a new toy, I wish it to be the best new thing and go to the top of our list and into our top toy compartment.  I wish the Wish was there, but it didn’t quite make it to the top shelf.  It is a great product with some new innovation and if you like rolling broad vibrations then the Wish may bring you and your partner to new levels.  I enjoyed the Wish being used on me more than she did.  It looks good, it feels good and I liked our chances.  This Wish takes patience, and sometimes you have to do a little work to make a wish come true.

“Star light, star bright, First star we see tonight, I wish I may I wish I might have the most intense orgasm ever I wish tonight”




I would like to thank Andy and Good Vibrations for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



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