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Our Review: The Tantus UnCut #1

The Tantus UnCut #1

We have found a new love for dildos in our normal sex lives! I’ll add more to that later, but I was craving something we haven’t had since I found out our Mr Marcus may not have been body safe, and that was a realistic dildo to fill some time during our love making when the situation calls for it! I was talking to my friends Robin & Liam at Couples Playthings (an AMAZING site btw) and Liam was kind enough to offer me a choice of dildos.  We have had great experience with our Tantus Tsunami so I made the choice of the Tantus Uncut #1 (the BIG Daddy!).  My wife is a size queen, even though she is bashful about it.  While I knew the Uncut #1 was large, both of our eyes grew at the first glimpse of our new stunt cock!

Yup, those are veins!

Tantus is great at producing body safe toys that perform at the highest level.  The Tantus Uncut is made from their Dual Density O2 line, so it is soft yet firm.  Translation, you can get a good grip on it, but it does have some floppiness to it.  With a dildo this size, some give and go is nice so no one gets hurt! The silicone is body safe and easy to clean.  The Uncut is available in 3 realistic colors, Cream, Cocoa and Mocha! I guess Latte wasn’t a choice, or Unicorn Frappuccino (gross but would look amazing on a dildo!) It is strap on harness compatible and safe for anal play, but there is NOT a suction cup option.  Once you are done with the Uncut, you can wash this eco-friendly, hypoallergenic dildo in the dishwasher (don’t let grandma unload if she’s over! or should you?), you can boil it and even bleach it if you need to! So there is no excuse to not exercise proper sex toy safety and cleanliness with this or any Tantus product.  As always, please use water based lubes with all your silicone toys.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s science!

The Uncut is VERY realistic, from its uncut foreskin (hence the name!) so it’s veins and the overall feel of the Dual Density O2.  It is made for someone who really likes size! I’m so proud that my wife has turned into a big of a size and power queen! This big guy (don’t be offended by my gender use here please!) is insertable up to 7.45″ and has a diameter of 1.75″.  Just a warning, these numbers are mentally deceiving.  Objects in the rear view mirror may appear bigger than they are! I think that was a Meatloaf song,  but moving on… Here is a comparison shot of the Uncut #1 to the other dildos we use.  The Tsunami and the Rippler are no slouches either!




So Filling While Desiring More!

 I was really hoping to surprise my wife with the Uncut #1 but alas, life got busy, we had to clean up the house and she found it before we had our first time with the Uncut.  She was rightfully taken aback by it at first, but I could see the look in her eye that she was very intrigued and she said she would be up to the challenge! Before using a larger toy, it is always good to use

  1. Lots of water based lube (we like Sliquid currently)
  2. Warm up with oral sex
  3. Stretch out a little more with fingers and/or another toy
  4. Then insert the larger dildo slowly and work it back and forth before full insertion

Even for her, this was a little large at first! As I slowly (key word here, slowly!) moved it in and out of her she was eventually able to take the entire shaft of the dildo and I was told it filled her nicely! I really enjoyed putting it inside her and watching her use it on her own as well.  This is a great dildo, and even if the size scares you the Uncut #2 may be more for you! The Uncut #2 is 6.4″ with a 1.6″ diameter, and I think that sounds like a perfect size for anyone looking for a dildo a little bigger but not WAY bigger than what you may be used to.



A Couple Using Dildos? 

While we have been using dildos for a while, and I still stand by everything I have written, I wanted to expand on the idea a little more.  I want both men and women to know that dildos can make your session of sex more enjoyable and last much longer.  I’ve talked about how it is great fantasy play and can be used to simulate a threesome.  It’s also great for a man’s stamina! I have developed the ability to withhold my orgasms but in the end I can still only last for so long.  Sometimes my wife is in the mood for more and I feel the loss of control, so enter in the dildo! I love using them on her and watching her use them on herself.  I find it very hot! She will let me know when she wants me back inside.  I can generally last for longer this way and she will often climax again while I am inside her.  My personal favorite position is to be on my knees by her torso.  So while I am using the dildo on her, she still has access to my penis and balls with her hands and mouth.  It doesn’t happen often, but I love watching her give me oral sex while I pleasure her with a dildo! To feel her moans and groans on my penis is amazing!

I would like to thank Robin and Liam from Couples Playthings for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience

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