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Our Review: Iroha Stick by Tenga

Iroha stick

Tenga’s New Makeup Line? 

Tenga has recently designed a new discreet little vibe that looks just like a tube of lipstick that they call the Iroha Stick.  I’d like to thank Tenga for offering us the opportunity to write a fair and honest review on their new product.  The Iroha looks just like a tube of lipstick that would come in a pretend make up bag.  It has a grey plastic base with an angled silicone head covered by a clear plastic cover.  You could put the Iroha in your purse or makeup back and nobody would suspect it was anything else.  The Iroha runs on a single AAA battery and is waterproof  up to 50cm.  To control the Iroha, just simply twist the bottom, much like a tube of lipstick.


A Tickle from Tenga 

So is it discreet? Yes!

Is it easy to travel with? Yes!

Does it look like lipstick? Yes!

Is it affordable? Yes! 

Iroha stick(2)

Does it run on 1 AAA battery? YES! And there lies the problem with the Iroha stick for us. It just doesn’t have the power, Captain! You can give it all she’s got, but it just didn’t bring my wife to the brink of an orgasm.  It’s got the “buzz” vibration instead of the “rumble” vibration that we love and gives her mind-blowing orgasms.  That’s it.  We tried, I promise we did.  I love Tenga and their products for my penis, but this just didn’t cut it for my lovely wife who needs a deep rumbly “powa” to get her off.  If you didn’t have Arnold Schwarzenegger saying “powa” in your head as you read that, read it AGAIN and use is voice in your mind.


The Little Lipstick that Couldn’t (For Us)

I can love the look of a product but if it doesn’t perform it’s just for us.  If you think that a AAA vibrator will give you enough power or you like a little “buzzy” vibration, then get the Iroha.  Get it, hide it in your purse, use in on an airplane ride, on a roller coaster, in the car, the pool, the powder room and get off all over the place.  If we loved this product, that’s what I would tell you to do.  It could also make a great novelty gift, it is very affordable.  It’s just not for us.


I’d like to thank Tenga for providing me with Iroha Stick.  I have submitted an honest review based on my personal experience with the product

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