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Our Review: Tenga Air Twist

It’s a Twister! It’s a Twister! 

Tenga has released its newest product in the Air-Tech line of their reusable cup products, the Tenga Air-Tech Twist.  The Twist is available in two different styles of sleeves, the Tickle and the Ripple.  I have been impressed with every Tenga product I have used in the past, all of which have been used for penis stimulation.  Honestly, I didn’t feel a huge difference in the two different sleeves, both felt great to me! I am reviewing both products together because they are virtually the same except for the sleeves.  The “twist” of the product is that each cup has a cap with five settings to adjust the tightness of the sleeve around the penis.  This is a great function as all penises are different.  I’m assuming there are no two alike, but let me know if you’ve seen two that are! When placed side by side, my wife thought they looked like 2 cans of body spray next to each other.  I’ll file this as a discrete sex toy because if a visitor (pesky mothers!)  drops by unexpectedly, they probably won’t be able to guess what it is without a close investigation.  One the Twist is unwrapped, there is no label on the product, just a plastic black cup with a red or blue cap which determines each Twist from its counterpart




When I received the two Tenga Air-Tech Twists in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised to find a vial of lube conveniently hidden inside the sleeve of each Twist.   This is great storage for a lube sample and there is enough lube to last multiple uses.  Once you clean and dry the Twist after use, just place the vial back into the Twist so you won’t have to search hard next time when you need to get your Twist on!

Speaking of cleaning, the Twist is very easy to clean.  The sleeve is easily removable and since the lube is water based, you can wash it off under a faucet of your choice.  Once you get all that sticky mess cleaned up, use a towel and air dry your Air-Tech Twist before storing it until your next use.  If you don’t properly dry it, the sleeve will stay wet and create a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow in your Twist.  That is not an ideal environment for creating a healthy penis orgasm.



Come on Baby, Let’s Do the Twist! 


The Twist works just as good as any penis focused sleeve.  It’s a great design that’s not too big, easy to grip, and easy to clean.  I think its great to tighten the Twist as my erection grows and the Twist tightens it’s grip on me.  We find masturbation sleeves work just a great together as I do alone.  As I’ve stated in my other reviews, products like this are great when my wife doesn’t want to have sex due to her cycle, or any other reason she feels fit to not have sex.  They can also be great if you want to simulate a threesome as she can stroke me with a sleeve while we do other sexual activity to each other.  It’s not quite as good as using a dildo on her while she gives me oral sex, but it still works in the same realm.

Twist and Shout!  

The Tenga Air-Tech Twist is another fine entry into the Tenga family.  The Twist falls into the Air-Tech family of reusable products that can be easily cleaned and stored without the obvious notion that this is a sex toy.  You can enjoy the Tickle and the Ripple alone or with your partner.  While using the Twist, don’t forget to tighten the grip as it can lead to larger more intense orgasms for you or your lover.

I’d like to thank Tenga for providing me with Air-Tech Twist.  I have submitted an honest review based on my personal experience with the product

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