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Our Review: We-Vibe Touch

I’ve Hungered for… Your Touch

Ever since we fell in love with the WeVibe Tango, we’ve had the WeVibe Touch on our wish list.  Thank you to our friends at Eden’s Toy Box for giving us a chance to try out the Touch, Tango’s cousin.  The Tango was our first choice when she wants to orgasm before, during, or after sexy time (or all of the above).  In fact WeVibe gets all the credit for enabling my wife to have her first full-blown clitoral orgasm at the young age of 36!  This has done so much in helping my wife tune into her body, specifically her clitoris, so I was hoping the Touch would equal or exceed those results.

The Touch is only available in purple and operates in very similar methods to the Tango.  It is covered in a matted purple silicone that is 100% waterproof for all your vibrating environments.  Each vibe uses the same magnetic charging port which attaches to the included USB cord and can all be stored in the included white satin bag.  The control is also the same, with a button on the end that cycles through the four intensities followed by four pattern vibrations.  The power button also flashes when the battery charge is low.  The look of the Touch is quite different, while instead of the tapered lipstick end, there is a broader surface that is almost ergonomic for the hand and her pubic area but the vibration is still pinpointed on the tip of the Touch.  As with all silicone based products, only use a water based lube while using this toys as a silicone based lube will deteriorate the silicone on your toy.  I don’t know why, but it does.  This is NOT fake science!


Photo Courtesy of We-Vibe

Touching Your Heart and Soul

So we found We-Vibe Touch is like the Tango with a bulky rain coat on.  We couldn’t find much different in the operation and the motor still has that great rumbly vibration that my wife and so many other reviewers have raved about! The bulky rain coat did change the effect slightly for my wife though.  She enjoys the tapered end of the Tango more than the pin point tip and broader section of the Touch.  For those who like a broader wider surface for vibration, I would recommend the Touch.  These are both great products and my wife has great orgasms with each model.

If you are planning on using the Touch on a male, I liked it better than the hard plastic and smaller area than the touch.  In fact, the shape of the Touch is shaped to rest very nicely on a man’s testicles with the tip touching the scrotum.  It felt great and enabled me to achieve a second erection after climaxing once already.  Don’t let preconceived notions of a toy limit your uses and expectations, everyone has different erogenous zones that can be stimulated by vibrations.  If your male partner gets a little antsy at the idea, build his trust and tell him to relax while you try something new.



Touching the Sky and More

The WeVibe Touch has been on the market for a while but this is the first opportunity we have had to review it.  We have loved all of our WeVibe products and the Touch is no exception! If you are researching what type of clitoral vibe you need, I would highly recommend the Touch and the Tango depending on your preferences.  It also feels great resting on my testicles with the tip on my scrotum, so much it gave us round 2 in what is usually a 1 round experience for us! Have fun with your friends and have a happy playtime!


I would like to thank Eden’s Toy Box for giving me the opportunity to review their product in exchange for an honest review


3 thoughts on “Our Review: We-Vibe Touch

  1. We are currently in the process of reviewing the We-Vibe Wish. It’s interesting because it has 2 motors, I feel like it is even a broader stimulation. I know lots of others have enjoyed it! We prefer the Tango, but all of these products are good options depending on how your body responds to the different types of stimulation


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