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Our Review: The Cumpanion Towel

Your Mess is Mine

I love supporting small upstart businesses so I was really excited when I was contacted by my new friend AnnaRae about her product, the Cumpanion Towel.  As a fellow midwesterner and lover of sex, she has developed a product to help with the after sex mess.  As stated on her website, after getting tired of reaching for the odd towel, t-shirt, wash cloth, tissue (eww gross!), rag or wet wipe, she decided it was her mission to develop a quality product designed to prevent and clean up the dreaded “wet spot” as well as any fluids on you and your partner.

After much research and development, Anna has created a 24″ x 15″ blue microfiber towel with a fold in pocket that will not only clean up your mess, but feel great while cleaning up and then to avoid any further dripping, it will fold into itself so you can throw it straight in the hamper or wash machine.  All products we review on this site have specific care instructions, and the Cumpanion Towel is no exception.  While washing the Cumpanion, do not use any fabric softener or dryer sheets or it can ruin the effect of the microfiber.  The towel feels super soft to the skin without any softener anyway.  Each Cumpanion is made with quality stitching and built to last.  I rarely bring up price in my reviews, but this item is also very fairly priced and there is no reason to not support this product or their new business as it grows!



So yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  It’s just a microfiber towel, right? Well, it is a microfiber towel, but it’s made with sex in mind.  The oval shape of the towel is perfect for laying or sitting on during any sexual activity.  This can help prevent any mess on your sheets, carpet, chair, countertop, desk, or whatever other surface you will be sexually active on.  It also seems to clean up better than a standard wash cloth or t-shirt.  Once you wipe up the post sex fluids, the towel will fold itself inside the pocket at the end of the towel.  I have washed the towel immediately after sex and five days after sex.  Both times there was no evidence of the fluids, no hardness or dryness that I have seen on other items used to clean up a thick load of semen.  It also does great for female fluids and excess lubrication.  The labeling is also discreet, so if someone sees the towel laying around, it won’t scream SEX CLEAN UP TOWEL at your kids or parents when they are unexpectedly visiting.  The Cumpanion works cumpletely as it should.


Cumpanion (3)
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Cumming Clean

The Cumpanion is a well made product that will keep you from looking for random absorbent materials to prevent a mess and clean up after a standard self love session or a night full of passion in which you explore new boundaries and your bodies react in new ways you’ve never experienced! It feels luxurious to the touch of your skin and your partner may be more willing to help out knowing that there is a towel that wipes up the mess easily, folds into itself, and can be put in the laundry right away.  I suggest supporting AnnaRae by purchasing this affordable towel and taking a journey through their website.  They are also working on a smaller towel that is shown on their site and some other products are also in development.  I doubt that Shark Tank will let sex related products on their show, but as a community we can support upstart businesses as they develop quality products to make our sex lives better!


I would like to thank ByAnnaRae for giving me the opportunity to review their product in exchange for an honest review



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