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Our Review: Blewit

Well, I Guess I Blew It

The Blewit is another in the long line of improving male masturbators on the market.  I was very excited when Lovehoney connected me with Blewit and they sent me a sample to review!  The Blewit comes in 1 color, blue, and one style.  It is packaged in an octagonal box that is designed to fit the device in perfectly.  It is great for storage and is very discreet, as long as no one asks what the giant octagonal black box is sitting on your shelf. It comes with two interchangeable entry rings so you can fit comfortably and to your liking.  The different rings also create different levels of sucking on the penis which can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the cap at the top .


The outside casing of the Blewit is a hard plastic and the diameter gets smaller toward the top of the device.  I found the top is very easy to grip as did my wife.  The sleeve feels great and requires a dollop of  lube unless you like jacking off with sandpaper.  Ok, it would probably feel better than sandpaper, but I’d use lube and Blewit recommends it, too!

Be a Real Jerk with Blewit!

So as with most penis masturbators, use is pretty simple.  I recommend lubing the penis and the Blewit before use with your favorite lube.  The Blewit does lining is silicone, so please use a water based lube if you want the product to keep its longevity (and you will) I use the tighter of the two rings and it feels fantastic.  I can feel the pattern inside the Blewit the slower I go, and I really enjoyed using it just on the tip in short strokes.  You can use the Blewit for increasing your stamina and learning how to control your orgasms if you’d like to work on that.  It’s also great for a good ol’ fashion wank session by yourself or if your partner wants to give you a handjob.  We get the most use out of penis masturbators when my wife is on her cycle and doesn’t want to have intercourse, or if she’s just not into it that night and decides to jack me off out of the love in her heart.  It’s great for teasing the user with fast and slow strokes.  It also feels good to push it down as far as you can and you feel the deepest parts of the sleeve.

Another great reason for these types of products is ease of cleanup.  Some are easier than others, but there is never a problem on where to ejaculate and you can avoid any confusing “Is that hair gel?” scenarios.  To clean the Blewit, just unscrew both ends and rinse it out with water.  You can also remove the sleeve for a good deep clean, which is probably good to do on occasion.  I love the ease of cleaning on the Blewit!



So it’s safe to say that we really enjoy the Blewit! It is my new favorite sleeve to masturbate with.  It’s easy to grip at the top, there is plenty of room for me (an average sized penis in length and girth) and it has sleeve options if you are larger and need a looser fit.  It’s also super easy to clean and will last a long time using proper water based lube.  I also love that the top is easy to grip and nearly anyone (unless you have very small hands) should be able to give a great handjob with the Blewit!

I would like to thank Blewit and Krista at  Lovehoney for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and unbiased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



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