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Her Review: The Womanizer Pro40

Womanizing with My Wife

The Womanizer is a product line that took the industry by storm in 2016.  It is a very unique type of stimulator in that there is no penetration or vibration that is used to reach orgasm.  It is focused on creating a clitoral orgasm by pulsating air and sucking onto the clitoris and it has been very successful with four different models to choose from.  I’d like to thank my friend Andy Duran and Good Vibrations for sending us the Womanizer Pro 40 for review!




The Womanizer Pro40

The Womanizer Pro40 is Womanizer’s introductory model, which also means a little cheaper, and is a great place to start if you are curious about the Womanizer product line.  The Pro40 uses Pulse Air Technology for clitoral stimulation while offering 8 different intensities.  It’s a very quiet toy and the head is made from body safe silicone so it is easy to clean and waterproof.  It charges with a USB cable (and includes the wall plug!) which I prefer as there are many USB cables throughout our house so we don’t have to worry about finding a specific cord to charge this one toy. The Pro40 is available in two colors, pink (pictured) and white.

The Pro40 also comes with two different sized heads, so if you have a large or smaller clitoris you should be able to make one of them work for you.  The head lights up in the dark, so you can always look where you are using the Womanizer Pro40, but from what I can tell, you should be able to use it by your sense of touch alone.  The controls are very easy to use, just a simple power button and (+/-) controls to toggle the settings. There is not storge provided outside of the box, but if you don’t mind storing items in a box it works just fine and is definitely reusable, unless you destroy it due to your anticipation on first opening the Womanizer Pro40.


A Real Solo Toy

So one of the reasons I called this “Her Review” is because this is a toy that I would say is really built for HER.  I don’t think I’d do a good job using it on her and I don’t think she wants me to use it on her.  The Womanizer websites does show some positions to use their products as a couple, but they all mainly involve the using it on yourself while performing other acts, much like you would a clitoral vibe.

My wife was very excited to try the Womanizer as she had read about it in a magazine as a top toy of 2016.  I agree, this is a completely different way of achieving orgasms through a different type of clitoral stimulation.  So I gave her the Womanizer Pro40 and after nearly a year of using toys together, she was confident enough to take control and use the Womanizer Pro40 on herself by herself for the first use.  After spreading her labia she was able to find the magic spot to use the Pro40 on.  I have read tips that a little bit of water based lube helps create a good seal for the Womanizer products.  Once in the right spot, she just let the Womanizer do its magic.

I’ll be honest, I was worried the Womanizer wouldn’t be her cup of tea, and that she would be disappointed in it, much like some of the wands we tried and g-spot related toys.  I was so ecstatic for my wife when she had one of the loudest solo orgasms I have ever witnessed from her! She loved it! It worked great on her and she said the orgasm was very different and a new level of intensity for her.  It is now 1a) in our toys to bring her to orgasm, which is a pretty big deal for a newer toy.

The only drawback she has with the Womanizer is it tends to dry her out.  I’m sure this comes with any device based on pulsating air on anything.  So once she has had her orgasm(s) before intercourse we make sure to lube up, as with other toys she usually gets more natural lubrication after orgasm.

One other quick note, my wife had a bit of a break through a couple of weeks ago and I think the Womanizer had a role in the breakthrough.  I was out with some friends to watch a football game and when I came home she let me know that she was really missing me and very horny.  She had been reading a book that really got her in the mood, so she used the Pro40 to masturbate alone! I know that is normal for most women, but it’s one of the few times she has done this and confided in me about it.  After talking about it we then proceeded to have mind blowing sex.  I’d say we can recommend this product.



I would like to thank Andy and Good Vibrations for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



4 thoughts on “Her Review: The Womanizer Pro40

  1. The part about this being a solo thing does concern me a little. I just ordered this and my wife has never been one to take care of herself.

    Hopefully we’ll figure this out. Her vibe works pretty good but I think it might be losing it’s charm.

    Finding the right toy for a wife who is very shy and not too adventurous is quite a difficult task.


    1. Well by solo, it’s a toy that’s best for her to use it, whether you are in the room or not so she can get it positioned correctly. When my wife is using it she lets me know if she wants me to do other things to her while using it or if she just needs to focus on the Womanizer’s stimulation. Often she will want to touch me or have me caress or kiss her body while she is using it.


      1. You know you’re right…..I was thinking too literal ealier. She usually uses the other item we have that way so this wouldn’t be different.


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