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Our Review: Lovehoney Seduce Me Lingerie

Making Seduction Easier….

Lovehoney was kind enough to include me in their preview of their new Seduce Me Lingerie Collection in exchange for an honest review.  The Seduce Me Collection is designed to bring back a classy sexy 1940s feel complete with black lace, satin, pink accents, bows while “creating a gorgeous silhouette and showing off your sexy figure”.

I love the look of this collection and the features of each piece just drive me wild! I am a big fan of detailed lingerie and garters (or suspenders for my UK friends) and this collection contains all of that and more.  We were sent three pieces, the Crotchless Suspender Thong, the Open Back Knicker and the Suspender Skirt.  The Seduce Me Collection also contains a bra, basque set, form fitting chemise, pushup dress, and pushup crotchless cutaway body items.  These items are available in sizes up to 3x/4x, so most women should be able to find an item that compliments their beautiful figures.  I have reviewed the three items we were provided in the collection.  Each item is only available in the pictured black with pink accents and they all look stunning while constructed with the care I have grown accustomed to from Lovehoney’s lingerie.


Seduce Me Open Back Knicker

The Seduce Me Open Back Knicker (or panties as us Yanks call them) are an ass lover’s dream! From the front, these look like a pair of sexy panties just begging for removal, but when she rolls over to reveal her bare ass and the crotchless flap reveals itself, you know that removal isn’t even neccessary! If you love showing off your ass for your partner, or love to look at or grab your partner’s ass, these are fantastic to wear.  They are made rather well, but I would still be careful of the stiching if you want them to last an extended period of time.  We received a size Medium and they fit true to size for my wife.  She does not typically wear this style of panty, but it’s fun for her to slip on to add another dash of spice into a night of sexy seduction.

The Seduce Me Crotchless Suspender Thong is constructed very similarly to the Open Back Knicker, but instead is is a thong style and adds one of my favorite features, suspenders! (or garters) The suspenders are removable but they add a great touch to the thong.  This would be very sexy to wear underneath a dress or skirt during a date to reveal a very sexy surprise underneath! It is beautifully constructed and the crotch has a flap for coverage and can be easily moved apart if you’d like to wear this during sex.  We received a size medium and it fit to size as well.  This is probably my favorite of the items we reviewed.


Seduce Me Suspender Skirt

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I was really excited about taking a look at the Suspender Skirt, but unfortunately it didn’t fit my wife very well.  This is the one item we had sizing issues with, so a quick reminder, it does run tight.  It is a form fitting piece of the collection, a skirted garter belt that looks great and is very sexy! I loved the look and construction of this, but the size just didn’t fit her very well.  This is a throwback to older style lingerie and once again could be worn under the proper clothing if the wearer is comfortable walking around it in.  There’s a good chance she won’t be able to move her legs much but the skirt is very seductive and a style that I really enjoy.  Just remember to order larger than usual if you think it could be tight!

Mrs Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me… aren’t you?

The Seduce Me Collection feels inspired by the very sexy and seductive Mrs Robinson from The Graduate.  The stockings, the black satin and lace, only with a more modern edge to the seduction! Feel free to take a look at the entire collection and see how you would like to seduce or be seduced! A quick note, not all items are available in the US as of right now.


I would like to thank Lovehoney for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience

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