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Our Review: Lovehoney Deluxe Wand

Plug n’ Play

We have not had the pleasure of using any corded wands (or any toys for that matter)  I have also been weary of corded toys, because why would you want a cord in the way when there are so many rechargeable options out there today? There are two main reasons I would recommend a corded device, power and longevity.  With a corded device you will almost always have a stronger vibration than a rechargeable device.  The motor is controlled by the amps coming through you outlet, not the voltage of a battery.  You also won’t have to worry about running out of power or the battery weaking while using a corded device because the current in your outlet won’t run out unless you’ve forgotten to pay your bill or tripped a circuit breaker!

Deluxe Wand(4)

The negatives of the device is that a corded device will never ever be waterproof and that pesky cord can get in the way, or you may run out of cord length depending on your given situation.  Lovehoney recently adapted their Deluxe Wand for US for 110 volt outlets, where European outlets run on 220.  Long story short, make sure you have a converter if you are travelling overseas, and even then it’s possible to have problems.  I was given the opportunity to test the new Deluxe Wand for the US out so how could I pass up that opportunity?  Thanks Lovehoney!

The Lovehoney Deluxe Wand is the first of its kind for our collection.  It’s size is comparable to our Cordless Magic Wand and Lovehoney has comparisons on the wand’s product page to compare the two devices.  A couple of drawbacks from the Lovehoney design is the head is plastic and there are grooves in the head.  This can be difficult to clean if you need a thorough cleaning.  I’d recommend a toothbrush (not meant for teeth before or afterwards).  You also need to be careful while cleaning the Deluxe Wand since it is a plug in device and make sure the plug is 100% dry before plugging back in.

Deluxe Wand(3)

There are also some positives to the wand.  The power is amazing! It is very unlikely you will crave more power.  I also loved the power toggle of a spinning wheel.  This made it very easy to adjust while in use and it’s simple to go up and down in power instead of searching for a button or having to toggle through the cycles.  There are also no pattern vibrations, and I am just fine with that.  It isn’t very often that a vibration is what we need to get over the edge.  The wand looks nice with the white and purple highlights accompanied by the Lovehoney logo.  The Deluxe wand is a good size and didn’t seem overly heavy since there is no battery.


Wanding Around Together

Over our anniversary, we were lucky enough to have the weekend alone as the kids spent the weekend with their grandparents.  I highly recommend having an overnight babysitter on call, whether it’s a relative or a friend that you can trade overnight stays with! This is a great time to try new things as a couple and not have to worry about the kids interrupting.  Unless you get a phone call from the sitter saying your kid has gotten sick all over and you need to pick them up.  That didn’t happen this time! Anyway, we decided to use this new wand the first night.  When it comes to external stimulation vibrators, we have gotten to the point where I just let her take control.  At that point, I’m just there to be by her side and give her any additional pleasure she may want! My wife loved to toggle switch as it is just too simple to use! There are many times I have to help her get to the setting she wants when using other vibes and that wasn’t neccessary at all with the Deluxe Wand.

Deluxe Wand(2)

She loved using it and had multiple orgasms on medium settings.  Another side note, it is recommended not to use powerful wands for more than 15 minutes or you can get over stimulated and possibly experience a numbing sensation in the area it is used! Nobody wants that! So just watch yourselves and take a short break if neccessary.  Like the Magic Wand, the Deluxe Wand is also great for muscles massages and on men’s pleasure zones.  He may like it over his clothes or underwear as it is overwhelming at first on dry skin.  If you are feeling seductive, I would start with a sexy massage while using the wand and slowly tease and move it down to your partner’s erogenous zones as the massage progresses.

If you are looking at plug in wands, I would recommend looking into the Lovehoney Deluxe Wand! It has some pros and cons versus The Magic Wand, so the final decision is up to you.  The six foot cord gives you plenty of length and power.  My biggest drawback is that the head isn’t covered in silicone and has the ridges in it.  There are attachments designed for both sexes and if you purchase the US Deluxe Wand now, you can get a free attachment.  Oh did, I mention the Deluxe Wand is approved by Good Housekeeping? I guess they are reviewing more than vacuums and blenders over there….

deluxe Wand(5)

I would like to thank Krista and Lovehoney for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and unbiased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



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