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Our Review: Fantasy Voulez-Vous Deluxe French Maid Costume

Cleaning Up is Hard to do…

As he arrived home from a long day at the work, he noticed the door was unlocked.  He walked in and asked “Hello?”

The house was very clean, but the maid was usually gone by now.  Did she forget to lock the door? Had there been a break in? What in Earth was going on?  As he hung his jacket and took off his shoes he noticed the bedroom door was open just a crack.  Who could be in there? As he prepared for the worst and his muscles tensed up ready for a fight, his heart started to race.  Prepared to find an intruder, her heard a woman let out a slight scream as if she were restrained or being held against her will! As he slowly peaked in the door and quietly started to open it, his other fish clenched,  and he saw the maid lying there on his bed.

There she was, fully dressed in her french maid uniform with her legs arched in the air and her hand in her white lace panties.  The lace from her black stockings was showing along with her garter straps.  Her eyes were shut and she did not hear him come in.  As his erection grew watching the beautiful woman pleasing herself he heard the buzz of her vibrator turn on.  He continued to watch, resisting the urge to touch himself.  He slowly backed up, knocking over a picture on the dresser, resulting in a loud crash! The maid was suddenly aware of his presence! She was embarrassed at his discovery  but it was almost as if she had been waiting for him.  She removed her lace panties and motioned him over with her wet finger.  She then put his head between her legs and they continued to make love.  After they were done, naked in a pool of sweat, the woman looked at the man and asked, “So darling, did that fulfill your fantasy?”

“Why yes, it did!  Thank you for such a lovely evening.  Now it’s your turn, let me know what you want to do for our next fantasy night.”


Fantasy play is a great way for couples to expand their sexual boundaries.  We all have fantasies and I highly recommend sharing them with your partner.  It’s a lot of fun to act out on your fantasies and costumes are often involved.  Lovehoney was kind enough to provide us with their Lovehoney Fantasy Voulez-Vous Deluxe French Maid Costume!


French Maid(1)

Looking Good While Getting Dirty

A big problem with a lot of fantasy wear is that it looks cheap, is over priced, and it doesn’t really look like something someone would wear in a fantasy situation.  If you are tired of the see through, way too skimpy fantasy costume that is supposed to be “one size fits most” but it doesn’t, I would look at Lovehoney’s Fantasy line.  Many of their costumes can provide the perfect mix between seductive fantasy wear and sexy lingerie.  The Deluxe French Maid outfit looks like a french maid costume that can be worn around the house or even to an adult costume party.  It leaves just the right amount of tease to your imagination.  The skirt is a little short depending on height, but that seems to be standard with most lingerie.  The costume is available in multiple sizes, from small all the way to plus size options.


The costume is made very well, which has been our experience with all Lovehoney branded merchandise.  The top is complete with lace ruffles, the apron is attached to the costume, and the skirt is completed with a ruffle tulle petticoat! I recommend pairing it with her favorite black or white panties and some stockings.  You can also add accessories, such as a feather tickler to complete the ensemble.





What is YOUR Fantasy? 

I highly recommend roleplay and fantasy wear! It is a great way to add something new to your sex life and you can always laugh and have fun with it, too! Sit down and talk about your fantasies and how far you are willing to go in order to fulfill them.  It’s up to you how extravagant you get into the roleplaying aspect of a fantasy.  It could be as simple as changing into a costume and making a grand entrance or as complicated as meeting separately in a public location and acting like you don’t know each other! I would start simple and add a new layer to the fantasy as you progress with your fantasy nights.  We really enjoyed the Deluxe French Maid costume from Lovehoney if that’s your fantasy.  If not, feel free to look at all their other options for women and men to dress up!


I would like to thank Krista and Lovehoney for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience

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