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Our Review: The Elm by Boom

A Silent Boom

The Elm by Boom  is a AAA powered g-spot vibrator.  I have not reviewed any toys powered by batteries and this is a nice looking product, so I placed it on my wishlist with Naughty Playtime.  The Elm is covered in dust free silicone and is water resistant and phthalate free.  The description of the product states that it contains “simulated wood features”.  Now I’m not sure what they are describing here other than the white button which contains some wood grain type texture.  Honestly, if I’m going to describe a product with “simulated wood features” I want the toy to appear it’s made of wood.  I found that to be quite odd.  I guess the box did contain wood grain on it, so maybe that counts?


The Elm is designed to be a g-spot vibe and contains a nice curve to it.  The curve is what attracted me to the product in the first place.  I had some problems with getting the batteries to connect, but once they did there was a light that indicated power on the button.  The Elm also has 10 different speeds and patterns.



An Elm with a Fudd

So my wife enjoys g-spot stimulation.  We’ve had lots of success with my fingers, dildos, and vibes reaching that magic spot.  She doesn’t have a “g-spot” orgasm per say (maybe I’m just doing something wrong?) but she receives great pleasure from it.  The only thing she seems to enjoy more is her orgasms, which often follow g-spot stimulation.  The Elm has a nice curve to it, so the right shape is there.  After applying some water based lube, I inserted The Elm and it hit the right spot.  The AAA batteries did not do the shape justice.  All of our toys are rechargeable other than The Elm, so she has grown accustomed to their motors and power.  The 10 speeds did not do much for her and alas, The Elm was closer to an Elmer Fudd.  I was disappointed because I was also hoping The Elm would be a good clitoral stimulator as the shape is well designed for it.  The head is also quite flexible, but without the right strength and vibration, that does not add anything to the product.


Good Design, Poor Execution

If you like battery powered vibes and have had good luck with AAA powered products, maybe the Elm will do the trick for you.  The shape is very nice and there are advantages to battery powered vs rechargeable toys, especially when it comes to traveling.  The Elm could also work as a g-spot dildo, but in the vibe department, The Elm didn’t make the cut.  There are lots of other great products on Naughty Playtime though!  I love their site and you can save 10% on anything with the code AHUSBANDSPASSION  to find your favorite toys, lubes, lingerie, and other items to make your sex life and relationship better.

I would like to thank Dan at Naughty Playtime for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



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