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Our Review: Magic Wand Unplugged

The Wand Chooses the Wizard

The Magic Wand has been on my wish list longer than I’ve been reviewing sex toys! It goes back to all those wand videos I’ve seen before.  You know, earth shattering female ejaculating screaming so loud you wake the neighbors orgasms!? My friends at The Vibrator Store were kind enough to send me the Magic Wand Unplugged, and it was like finding the holy grail of sex toys at my doorstep!

The Magic Wand was ranked as one of the Top 10 Gadgets ever (!) by Time Magazine and since we’ve evolved our gadgets into the cordless era of humanity, I was expecting so many things.  I was a little bit hesitant since our two previous wand entries were kinda meh for us, but this is the granddaddy of them all and if this didn’t work I was going to quit wands FOREVER.


Magic Wand (3)

So a fun story about the Magic Wand, it was originally developed by Hitachi as a real life true blue therapeutic muscle massager.  It was great on the shoulders, sore backs, kinks in the neck, and all those other muscle groups that hurt as you get old.  You know, like in your 30s! It worked great for that, but you know some kinky couples started using it on other areas.  It got so popular within the sex community that therapists started recommending it to women since the 1970s as a sexy toy! It is also funny that another company is now in charge of the Magic Wands (Hitachi’s name no longer appears on it anywhere) but the instructions that come with the Magic Wand Unplugged are still strictly about using the wand as a massager.  I guess it’s up to us to see what areas of our body need massaging, am I right?

we vibe tango lipstick style vibrator

Improving on Perfection

So I always wanted the original Wand but never got one.  I have done some reading and there are some nice improvements on the Magic Wand Unplugged! It shows they know their market as a sex toy, they just don’t want to admit it.  The head is now silicone instead of plastic, and as you know by now, that’s the safest and most effective product to use for body safe materials, especially around precious lady parts.  It is quite heavy being rechargeable and all but it is easy to grip on the very end of the handle or at the base, just above the vibrating head.  There are some very nice light indicators on the handle.  Blue bars light up for each intensity setting and green bars indicate a vibration pattern.  The controls are very easy to use.  The directions also state not to use for more than 25 minutes on a specific area.  From our personal experience, I could see that resulting in extreme heat or numbness on that area.  The outlet designed cord is very easy to plug and unplug.  If you forget to recharge the Magic Wand Unplugged, it also operates with the cord plugged in if you are really in a bind.

Magic Wand (2)

The Elder Wand?

So we aren’t wizards and witches here, but this wand is lots of fun for members of every gender! I love to please my wife first, so let’s focus on her first.  The Magic Wand Unplugged is by far the most powerful wand, vibrator, toy, damn near anything that we’ve used to date in our sex lives.  It’s shape is very universal unless you need that pin point vibration to orgasm.

Magic Wand

The Magic Wand Unplugged was a definite increase in quality of pleasure for my wife.  Her only issue was the handle length, but after some adjusting she got the hang of it.  The wand has 4 intensities and she topped out at the 3rd setting.  The 4th was just to powerful and overwhelming to her.  She used it for a 15 minutes (roughly) and her labia started to go numb from all the vibrations! The next day she even complained of being sore while getting into the shower.  I can’t say it that was purely from the wand or not.  The next use of the wand went very well for her! She kept the setting lower and I also applied some water based lube to her clitoral area.  That seemed to help with the sensations and she had a great orgasm that left her laying in her pillow for a good amount of time followed by some appropriate curse words.  I’d called that success!

The Magic Wand Unplugged is also great for the guys! I’m talking about any attachments, just straight genital massage.  As with my wife, it was best to start slow and not press too hard.  That can be a big painful and overwhelming, especially on the scrotum and testicular areas.  Start slow with low pressure and your little friend will be out to say “hello!” before you know it.  It also felt great on my shaft as it got more erect and on the head on my penis.  Once I was full erect, I enjoyed it going up and down my shaft.  My wife stopped before I came so she could have me to herself.  I used it later in solo play and it felt fantastic and brought me to a full orgasm in a healthy amount of time.  I suggest trying all toys on men, and while we might jump a bit at first, they can feel just as good on our parts as hers.

Building Up the Tension, Followed by Full Release

So yeah, I’m out of Harry Potter wizarding puns here, but let me know if you have one.  The Magic Wand Unplugged is by far the best wand we have used to date.  I have heard good things about the Doxy, Tantus, and Lelo (large) wands, and I will gladly review them, but I would say the Magic Wand Unplugged has chosen us after our previous attempts at wand wizarding.  I enjoy using it for solo play and couples play.  There are attachments available to offer sleeve, pinpoint and internal stimulation.  I would skip the intro rechargeable wands and go for the best from our experience.  In case you were wondering, we have used the wand for shoulder / back massage and it works very well for that use as well.  The wand just seems to make its way down whenever we do use it!

I would like to thank The Vibrator Store for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience

2 thoughts on “Our Review: Magic Wand Unplugged

  1. We are happy to see your always thorough and detailed reviews. Besides knowing that your passion is to please your wife and you guide us exactly how the wand accomplished that, we really enjoyed the background info provided to any new audience that may be interested in sex toys. Not only that but is good to see 2 points that are rarely seen in adult blogs: guys using the wand, and wand as a massager (good to take care of other muscles right?).

    We want to help your readers interested in this wand to get their hands on one of them by offering a 12% discount when purchasing the Magic Wand Unplugged (on top of any other site-wide sales) using code HUSBANDWAND12 during checkout.

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