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Our Review: Moody G5 by Fun Factory

Putting Everyone in the Mood!

When I first heard of Fun Factory, the first thought that came into my mind was the arcade our local mall had when I was growing up.  It was where all the preteens would go to hone their skills at the latest video games and take their “girlfriends” for “dates”.  So it came as a bit of a surprise to me when I found out there was an amazing sex toy company by the same name! I had not been able to obtain any of their products for review, so my heart skipped a beat when Andy from Good Vibrations was kind enough to include the Moody by Fun Factory in my latest delivery! I was also excited that it was ORANGE and it is crafted to look like something I want to please my wife with! The Moody contains a magnetic rechargeable USB cord, a zippered storage pouch, and is covered in water proof phthalate free silicone.  Moody is safe for anal & prostate play, and it’s available in ORANGE! (also lavender and black)  As with all silicone toys, please use a water based lube while using this product. It comes well packaged  and is designed for FUN!  It was shipped discreetly from my friends at Good Vibrations!
Moodwe vibe tango lipstick style vibrator

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I absolutely love the design of the Moody! The white handle with chrome lining really stands out next to the orange shaft.  The power button is labeled with “FUN” and all the buttons light up when the Moody is powered on.  So Fun Factory is just begging you to have a good time with their toys! I think this can be worked great into world play with a partner.  As in, “Hey ready for some FUN?!” or “Would you like for me to push the FUN button tonight?” Then again I’m a lame 36 year old dad with a dry sense of humor, loves puns and word play in all scenarios.  Anywho, back to the review.  Upon looking at the Moody, the tip is curved up for G-spot, anal & prostate pleasure, and ribbed for everyone’s pleasure! The flowery seashell-ish end is a great to know when you should stop inserting the Moody.  It vibrates a little bit, I think from residual vibration from the main end, but what if there was a motor for clitoral stimulation in just that section of the vibe? Just thinking outloud as I type here folks.  The Moody contains 6 vibration intensities and 6 patterns for all you pattern lovers out there.

The Top Button Says FUN!

Gonzo’s Orange Cousin!

That’s right.  I went there.  The shape of the Fun Factory Moody reminds me of Gonzo’s nose.  Yeah, that’s right, Gonzo, from The Muppets.  Except the shaft is orange, so this would be Gonzo’s orange cousin, am I right?! I’ve wondered a long time why the pig would want a frog when the weird blue alien thing could do all sorts of things with that nose.  As I digress… We had lots of fun with the Moody! The shaft of the Moody is great! It’s not very big, but G-spot / anal / prostate toys generally aren’t.  Moody is the perfect length to hit the spot and the gonzo-shaped tip has a nice rumple to press right up against her fun button.

My wife enjoyed the ripples going in an out of her, much like she did with our dildo.  When I used it on her,  I stopped just before exiting to enhance the intensity in her G-spot area.  The thickness of the Moody also increases, for those who enjoy graduated girth.  It ranges from 4-5.25 inches, and my wife enjoys girth more than length.  I let the curved end push up against her as she let out her favorite pleasure noises.  I love hearing my wife feel great as well as watching her face as she whimpers and moans from pleasure.


A Fun Thing Happened on the Way to Orgasm…

We have had lots of fun with the Fun Factory Moody! It is as good as it looks and advertised for us.  If you aren’t into ripples, want a bigger size, or don’t like the color orange, Fun Factory makes lots of other products made with the same quality, care, and focus on fun as this style of vibrator. The Moody also contains an airport lock setting, so if you are one to travel with your sex toys, this is a “must have” option on your shopping list.  It would be very disappointing to not have your fun toy when you arrive at your destination for a summer sexcation! I rate the Moody as our 3rd favorite toy, which is quite an accomplishment.  We currently do not use vibrators for any anal or prostate play, so I can not comment on the effectiveness in those areas. The Moody by Fun Factory is a great looking toy that is well designed for fun and orgasms for everyone! This is the time of year to have lots of fun with your partner, so feel free to check the Moody and other Fun Factory toys at Good Vibrations!

I would like to thank Andy and Good Vibrations for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



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