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Our Review: Dorcel Wanderful

Our Adventure in Wanderland

In my quest to review a wand, I received another opportunity from my new friends at Naughty Playtime to review the Dorcel Wanderful, a waterproof compact rechargeable wand.  First I’d like to talk about my new friends and affiliation with Naughty Playtime.  They have a wonderful looking site that is seductive, sexy, and it has a design that makes you want to buy a toy for yourself, your partner, or to use together.  It contains a blog and very sexy, but not pornographic pics that mentally puts me in the mood to do some naughty things to my wife.  They offer only the highest quality toys and brands you can trust as safe well made products you can have lots of fun with.  Everything about the site whispers elegance into your ear and everything is shipped very discreetly.  Feel free to try it, you can get 10% off anything on the site with offer code AHUSBANDSPASSION .  Now on with my review of the Dorcel Wanderful!


Dorcel is a French company started my Marc Dorcel in 1979.  He has a passion for creating quality toys for women, men, and couples.  The Wanderful is a well made product with some nice features.  It is covered in pink silicone (yes I know, PINK again) with a chrome colored wrapping at the base of the handle.  The chrome wrapping is all the rage these days! So this water proof phthalate  free mini-wand has three buttons that light up and blink with its pattern.  The light up blinking buttons is also a popular design feature.  I still enjoy it so you can see the buttons in the dark and get a visual on the vibration pattern.  Speaking of vibration patterns, the Wanderful contains 8 speeds and 10 vibration patterns, so if you are a fan of mixing up the patterns and speeds, this could give you hours of fun! The head is also flexible in case your wand needs to reach a hard to reach place or angle.  As with all silicone products, please use with a water based lube to keep the integrity of the silicone on the toy.

Dorcel (2)


Wandering Around with the Wanderful

So if you read my first wand review, you’ll know that these smaller wands haven’t done a lot for my wife in the O department.  We had a very similar experience with the Wanderful, but I would go as far as calling these vibrations “buzzy”.  This mini-wand is smaller than the 50 Shades of Grey Wand I previously reviewed by a fairly substantial margin.  Maybe when I get to try a large wand I will see if bigger is always better! So far, that has held true.


We tried and tried to get this little wand to hit the spot and send her into those body shaking orgasms, but unfortunately it just didn’t do it for her.  We used the Wanderful to a point of stopping due to her having numbness down there.  Having my wife go numb in her nether regions is the last thing I want to happen! We did use it as a back massager and it felt nice on my shoulders when they were sore.  She also used it on me one night.  If you are a man or with a man who enjoys vibrations on or around his scrotum or penis, this could also be fun! I know some men can put a vibrating device on their shaft and it will lead them to orgasm.  I’m not sure if I’m one of those, maybe if I’m trying to end a dry spell.

Still Wandering…

I feel bad that this style of wand isn’t doing it for us.  I think this is a well made product and it functions in its proper way.  As I’ve state before, these mini-wands just aren’t for us.  They may be for you and I know they are good for someone or they wouldn’t be in production.  When I requested smaller wands I thought they would be great for us! She’s really enjoyed clitoral stimulation more and more since we started using toys and I thought she was good with a broader stimulation since our experience with the We-Vibe Rave worked so well on her clitoral orgasms, but we are all different.  As the saying says, “Different strokes for different folks”.  Feel free to check out Naughty Playtime and their beautifully designed site the next time you feel like shopping for something special!

I would like to thank Dan at Naughty Playtime for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



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