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50 Shades of Grey HOLY COW Wand

Our First Wand

I’ve been wanting to review a wand soooo bad! It goes back to before we were even married, watching mind-blowing orgasms from wands on internet masturbation videos.  I’ve always dreamed of watching and participating in such a powerful orgasm.  It seemed like they were on a different level than other orgasms, leading to body shaking, mind blowing, female ejaculating ecstasy! This is our first wand we’ve reviewed and I’d like to thank Lovehoney for letting me review the Fifty Shades of Grey HOLY COW! Rechargeable Wand Vibrator.  HOLY COW that was a mouthful! It has a very high rating on Lovehoney’s website, so I was hoping to have a similar experience! As always, the package arrived from Lovehoney in a plain cardboard shipping box with no mention of it being a sex toy.

Holy Cow

The wand is made very nicely. I think it would be fine without the “50 Shades of Grey” branding. I understand the appeal of getting E.L. James approval and using the brand to get sex toy virgins to get all worked up and expand their sexual horizons.  In fact I think it’s great!  It’s one of the few mainstream subjects that can get the average woman to open the door in her mind to explore new things in the bedroom.  I haven’t read the books and I made it through the movie, but I don’t recall a wand being in the movie.  After some research, it does come up in the book

“He pushes the wand against me again and again, stopping just at the vital moment each time.” – Anastasia Steele in E.L. James 50 Shades of Grey

I remember an education on a dominate & sub relationship, sensory stimulation, bondage, BenWa Balls, and a helicopter ride, but no wands.  But like I said, if the sponsorship gets more people to explore the use of toys to increase their sex lives, it’s a win in my book.

The black silicone covering on the wand is nice, the chrome plating looks great and the buttons light up when you use it, so that’s always helpful. It’s a breeze to clean, hot water and soap were easily applied and rinsed off. I found the navigation of the wand nice, although to turn it off I kept wanting to press the middle button and not the bottom button. The top button turns on the wand and increases its intensity.  The middle button toggles between the 8 different vibration patterns, and the bottom button decreases the intensity and turns the wand off.  The rechargeable feature it always nice and the plug was a little tough getting in the first time. Almost like popping the toy’s cherry! It also comes with a storage bag, which I always appreciate to help keep all of our charging cords matched with their proper friends.

Holy Cow (2)

Holy Cow?

I’ve had this wand for a few weeks, but things had been very slow on the sex front and very busy on the home front.  Finally this week things have really started to spark again! We’ve been using toys for the last week almost nightly and it’s been fantastic fun! This was a perfect time to break out the Fifty Shades of Grey HOLY COW! Rechargeable Wand.  I’m tired just from typing that….

Things started out nicely when we used the wand.  She responded with her whimpers and moans of pleasure.  I was waiting for her to burst into a series of orgasms, but alas, they never came.  I wouldn’t say the toy is overly buzzy, it just didn’t get her over the edge. She has been responding very nicely to clitoral stimulation lately, but this is a new type of stimulation for her as the head of the wand is much larger and covers much more area than the other toys we’ve used.

This wand made my wife feel good, but we never had that “Holy Cow!” moment. She keeps getting on the edge, but then it doesn’t happen. Maybe wands just aren’t for her or maybe we need to practice more often. I do recommend using water based lube to increase the stimulation and sensitivity for the user. I just think my wife is more of a pin point simulator than a broad simulator.  If you like wands and have amazing orgasms from them, this is more compact than a full size wand along with the rechargeable battery which is nice for being on the go, bath time, or if cords just distract you.  I don’t think it’s a bad toy, I just don’t think it’s what’s best for her. I’d like to try a more powerful wand like the Magic Wand or Doxy to see how she responds to those products.

I would like to thank Krista and Lovehoney for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



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