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Our Review: We-Vibe Rave

A Party in your Pants? More like a Rave!

We absolutely loved our first product from We-Vibe, The Tango, so when Andy at Good Vibrations was nice enough to send me the We-Vibe Rave, I turned splattered neon paint all over my walls, turned on a black light (after changing the sheets!) and put on some chest thumping rave music! Well not really, but I did that in my head.  The We-Vibe Rave is a vibrator designed for g-spot stimulation and it also works great as a clitoral simulator as well! It is rechargeable via a USB cord, covered in splash proof phthalate free silicone, and is very quiet for it’s category.  A with all silicone toys, please use a water based lube while using this product. It comes beautifully packaged  and comes with a lovely white satin storage bag.  It was shipped discreetly from my friends at Good Vibrations!
Rave (2)we vibe tango lipstick style vibrator

A Nonsymmetrical Journey  to Pleasuretown

The first thing I noticed about the Rave was it’s shape! It’s unlike anything else that we’ve used before.  The curve is slightly different than other vibes we’ve used and the head of the Rave is anything but symmetrical.  The vibe on the end is a little off center and the left side of the Rave is almost flat.  I’m sure lots of research and sex toy pleasure seeking science went into this design.  The plug in to charge the Rave is right above the control switches, I think it would be better suited on the end or bottom of the Rave.  There are three buttons for control.  The middle button controls the power and will rotate you through the TEN vibration patterns.  There are arrow buttons on either side of the power button to control the intensity.  The curve is designed to hit her g-spot.  Even if she doesn’t experience, or has yet to experience a g-spot orgasm it’s bound to give her pleasure with the 7.6 inch length and 1.22 inch girth at the tip.

.gif provided by We-Vibe

Raving it Up!

I had visions of a new level of orgasm when I received the We-Vibe Rave.  I’ve read so much about amazing g-spot orgasms and how they are a whole different category of orgasm for her.  It’s my mission to provide my wife with the best most intense orgasms she can experience in our time together, so I had VERY high expectations for the Rave, especially after our use with the Tango.  The Tango is still our “go to” foreplay orgasm toy. After engaging in some foreplay, I inserted the Tango in my wife.  Her first reaction was that it was very hard and buzzy.  When powered on, Rave starts a full blast! This is rare for a toy, but we usually end up at the highest setting.  I gently powered down the vibrations a bit to a lower rumble.  I find the buttons are slow to respond from a quick touch.  You must hold the button for a second or two before it responds.  I pressed down to try to hit her g-spot and honestly she just wasn’t feeling it right off.  I let her try it as well, and she didn’t seem to be enjoying the use.  So I took the Rave out and engaged in some clitoral play.  This really did it for her! The end of the Rave was great for that pinpoint touch.  I then placed the Rave in a “face down”down position in between her labia.  It fit perfectly withe the downward curve and it rocked her world! She had an amazing orgasm while holding the Rave with a little pressure over her.  Success! I then continued by putting the Rave back inside her.  She seemed to enjoy it more this time, using the different sides and shapes of the Rave in a twisting motion.  She never had that full blown g-spot orgasm, but I will update this post if she does.  There were plenty of pleasure induced wimpers and moans as I pressed up the Rave against her.  If you have read our story and early reviews, she rarely had clitoral orgasms when I first started writing the blog.  It’s a journey and we are still on ours!


Customizing Your Pleasure

We-Vibe also offers an app for both IOS and Andriod users called the We-Connect.  It’s a free app that allows you to connect your Rave and other We-Vibe toys to your smart phone! You can customize your vibration patterns and intensities all from the palm of your hand.  I have not had a chance to use this feature yet, but my friend at My Tickle Trunk loves it! I can see why, as you can choose your patterns with the touch of your fingers instead of cycling through each option.  It sounds amazing and I am going to call it amazing, I will provide updates when I have the opportunity to set it up and use the app.  We-Vibe claims you can pleasure each other from across the world with the app! This would be lots of fun for couples who are in long distance or travel for business often.  I can only imagine a naughty video chat or phone call while the partner controls the Rave! Oh internet, is there anything you can’t do?

To Infinity, and Beyond!

So the We-Vibe Rave hasn’t brought my wife a mind blowing g-spot orgasm yet, but we will continue to use the Rave and I’ll let you know if we get there.  That’s the beauty and difficulty of reviewing these toys, everyone is wired a little different.   It was amazing as a clitoral simulator and she had a screaming orgasm using it with a couple of techniques on that area.   I think the We-Connect app is a very cool “the future is coming” feature that puts this toy into a new category of toy.  It’s beautifully constructed and available in purple.  I’m excited to see what new colors are available as new toys come out, lots of reviewers seem to be tired of pink and purple.  I wish the buttons were faster to respond and the charging port was in a different location, but those are minor details.  We really really like the Rave, and I hope to love it one day!

I would like to thank Andy and Good Vibrations for supplying this product for me to review. I have submitted an honest and non biased review of this product based on personal trial and experience



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