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Our Review: Fleshlight Compilation

Fleshlight Compilation Review

I have been wanting to review a Fleshlight product since early on in my reviewing life.  After a long process, they were kind enough to send me 3 different products for review! While they each have their own unique features, I have decided to group them into one review.  Fleshlight is a top brand in the male masturbator market.  Unlike the Tenga, the Fleshlights have insertion points that look like a vagina and they even make products molded from certain adult film stars.  They are constructed with a hard plastic outside, resembling a very very large flashlight, and the insertable portion is constructed of body safe materials.  With each product use a water based lube.  Fleshlight was kind enough to provide me with a bottle of Fleshlube as well as their Fleshwash cleaner and Fleshlight Renewing Powder.  So if you’ve ever wondered what’s it’s like for you or your partner to have sex with a porn star, this may be your best bet.  I did not receive any of these items, but they were kind enough to send me with a Fleshlight Ice, a Fleshlight Go and a Fleshlight Quickshot! I will provide summaries of each product.  In short, they all work.  You use some lube on your penis, the device, insert, and stroke until orgasm.  I know that doesn’t sound real exciting, but more details of each product are to follow!




Fleshlight Ice Lady

The Fleshlight Ice Lady is the clear version of a standard Fleshlight.  It’s designed so that the user(s) can see the penis inside of the Fleshlight.  This provides 9 inches of insertable length and this model is molded after a woman’s vagina.  They also offer an anal version, which would work well for anal fantasies.  If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to watch a man ejaculate into a vagina, this could be your thing.  It feels nice, and with all Fleshlights there are various textures through the canal to increase the sensations.  I didn’t notice this a ton till I got to the very end of the canal, or at least as long as I could reach.  The sensation while pushing it all the way against me was the best part for me, it added that little extra touch that gets me over the edge and into orgasm mode.


I don’t know if every guy is the same, but I can go for a long time until there is that one little thing that gets me to the edge.  It’s different every time for me, whether it’s a detail, I thought, a feeling, or an extra sensation, but while using the Fleshlight Ice Lady, the very end did it for me.


The Fleshlight has an adjustable cap on the end of it to adjust air pressure inside the device.  I enjoyed it tight for a tighter feeling.  The one thing I didn’t really like about the cap was that it made a lot of noise.  The air buildup and release made a noise similar to pumping air into a bike tire.  I honestly found it a bit distracting.  The Fleshlight can be fun to use during couples play as well.  We used the Fleshlight while she was in the 69 position and I gave her oral.  She also used it on me while on her knees next to me and I was able to touch her, finger her, and use a dildo on her.  We had a simultaneous orgasm while doing that  and it was amazing! The Fleshlight Ice Lady is easy to clean up.  You can completely take the entire device apart or just remove the end cap and rinse with hot water.  I also used the provided cleaner which is an antibacterial spray.  There is a cap included to screw over the lady parts to keep it clean from dust, lint, dirt, etc for storage.



Fleshlight GO!

The Fleshlight GO is a smaller version of the Fleshlight that is designed for the man on the go who doesn’t want their sex toy to take up so much room in their suitcase.  We all know there are so many restrictions with bag sizes and weights, so who wants all that taken up by a sex toy? It is a very similar design, just a bit shorter.  The insertable length is 7 inches, in comparison to the standard 9 inches of the full Fleshlight.  The circumference is slight smaller as well.


The GO works the exact same as the previously reviewed ICE.  While a bit smaller, I wouldn’t call it discreet by any means.  It just looks like a smaller big flashlight when the storage cap is on.  It has the same air pressure cap on the end, and it has a black casing with flesh-colored fake lady parts.  It feels good and does the job as well and is constructed of Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin which is phthalate free.  Thank you for being responsible in using safe materials Fleshlight!




The Fleshlight Quickshot is a much different product than the first two product in the review.  The Quickshot is an open-ended device than can be use solo or is fun for couples play. It is also phthalate free, and I love that Fleshlight puts this all over their packaging! Unlike the other devices, the open end will allow you to ejaculate wherever you please.


I used the Quickshot when I need to masturbate into a cup to provide a semen sample for my urologist.  Just a side note, when you have a vasectomy and the doctor wants you to provide a sample the effectiveness of the surgery, you don’t do it in the doctor’s office.  You put the sample into a provided cup and then have 30 minutes to get it to the doctor’s office.  I was in a time crunch and used the Quickshot to get me going.  The Quickshot is put around the penis, I recommend a little water based lube, and stroke away.  It’s great for handjobs and can be used during oral sex as well.  It’s a fun little toy and I had no problem fitting into it.


It can be used in a similar fashion to the Tenga Spiral I reviewed earlier for couples play, but the open-ended nature of it allows the male to ejaculate anywhere.  We had some fun with it, it’s definitely smaller and more discreet at half the size of the original.  Honestly with the 2 caps on each end, it reminds me of the old “Barrel of Monkeys” toy.


Good Clean Fun 

Fleshlight is a good company that is keeping quality and safety in mind while designing their toys.  They offer a wide range of toys for male solo play, couples play, and they have a wide variety of accessories and replacement sleeves for their products.  They work effectively and are a breeze to clean up.  They are quite large and it’s very obvious what the product is, especially after the cap is removed and you see a fake vagina on the end.  They are a little noisy during use as well.  They could be used with couples in fantasy play, especially if you have a sleeve molded after a favorite adult film star,  a simulated threesome or foursome if a dildo gets involved.  As with all toys, have fun together, play together, don’t take sex too seriously and enjoy your time together.


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  1. I own several Fleshlights myself. The first one actually was a present from my girlfriend. Since then I am a big fan of it. It’s not only great when my girl is not up for it, it’s also great to have her play around with it.

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