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Official Review: Tenga 3D Spiral

Putting the 3D Spiral on a Pedestal

As a couples reviewer I have focused mainly on products designed for her pleasure or couples pleasure.  Tenga was kind enough to send me their Tenga 3D Spiral for review.  Thanks Tenga! Tenga is a brand that is taking the male product line by storm.  Tenga was created in 2006 by a Japanese mechanic, Mr Matsumoto as a new way for men to receive pleasure! Tenga has various product lines.  They range from disposable one time use items to multi-use items.  Many men don’t think they need anything other than their hand, or think they are losers if they need something more than their hand or partner for orgasms.  The way I look at it, if women have all these amazing toys, why can’t men?




The Tenga 3D line comes in a protective case that appears worthy of a trophy.  Not only does it look good, it also keeps the Spiral clean from the elements and doubles as a drying rack! If you referred to the Tenga 3D as a pussy, you could say you truly kept the “pussy on a pedestal“.  I don’t know if 40 Year Old Virgin jokes are still cool but I’m leaving that one in there.  The Tenga 3D line also comes with a sample of its “Real Lotion” for use.  You can also use your favorite lube with the Tenga 3D line.  I stick with water based lube.

Tenga has made the 3D Spiral from a durable and stretchy antibacterial elastomer that is latex free, phthalate free, and waterproof.  It is 4.75 inches long with a .5 inch diameter.  Don’t worry friends, this thing stretches out plenty and the tight size comes into play when it matters most! It is easy to clean with hot soapy water and can be flipped inside out easily to clean and dry the entire product.



Ribbed for His Pleasure

The Tenga 3D Spiral is the flagship of the Tenga 3D line.  The Sprial can be used with either the smooth side or the spiral side rubbing against the penis.  It is very simple to flip inside out, which is very handy for cleaning as well! I recommend putting a generous amount of lube into the hole first and then a thin coat on the erect penis to make insertion easier. Once everything is prepped, the Sprial’s .5 inch diameter hole can be stretched to fit over the penis.  Then wank away! Use your favorite technique, the spirals feel great in a twisting motion. You can ejaculate into the Spiral, proceed to remove it, rinse it inside and rout with hot water, dry with a lint free towel, and then place it on the pedestal to continue drying.  It will be ready to go for next time!

Now I bet you’re wondering “What about me or my partner? He’s too long or too thick for this!” Well I got our favorite dildo, the Pleasure Works Rippler, and it fit on that bad boy perfect.  The Rippler is quite girthy and longer than the average bear, or penis, in this case.  You can see how I fit each side around it.  I am guessing this will fit all but that 1% of enormously large penis population out there.

While I first tested the Sprial out in solo masturbation, it can also be fun for couples play! My wife does not like to have sex while on her period, especially her heaviest days.  She also doesn’t like giving blowjobs (that’s all I ask for on my birthday or Father’s Day) so she often gives me a handjob if I’m horny and bother her to no end.  Now she’s been giving me handjobs for nearly 19 nears at this point.  She’s good at them, knows what I like, and I generally enjoy them.  A male sleeve like the Tenga 3D Sprial is a great aid in giving these handjobs.  As it turned out, the timing of receiving this was perfect! She appreciated it as well! No mess of lotion / lube on her hands, no mess of semen for the after effects, and it gave her a new sense of control and the ability to rock my world! She enjoys watching me orgasm as much as I enjoy watching her, so it worked out great for us.


Sculpted Ecstasy 

The Tenga 3D Spiral is a great male masturbator! It’s small, so you can take it with you anywhere.  It’s rather discreet, as it does not look like a giant fake vagina used to masturbate.  The Spiral is easy to clean, easy to flip inside out, flexible and will more than likely fit over you or your partner’s penis unless he’s Dirk Diggler.  Please wash your hands before using the Spiral. It’s white and you don’t want your dirty hands to rub off on it.  Nobody, and I mean nobody likes a dirty masturbation sleeve.  That is my only suggestion to Tenga.  Please offer the 3D line in more colors.  It’s fun for alone time, it’s fun for couples play, and it’s just plain fun! So wank away, this reusable product is fun and works every time.

I’d like to thank Tenga for providing me with 3D Spiral.  I have submitted an honest review based on my personal experience with the product. It is available at LoveHoney

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